🔒Insiders, here are 7 splashy ways to go beyond egg coloring kit this Easter


HOUSTON – If you don’t like the egg coloring kit this year – or just forgot to buy one – there are several alternatives you can make at home.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s something amazing about picking up this kit at the store. The promise of these tablets or cups brings back serious memories of Easter past.

However, there are ways to color without these kits that can give you some really awesome eggs.

1. Concentrate your color with pure food coloring

Sometimes it’s the simple things that get away from us. Food coloring is a great way to dye your eggs. Creating a wild color palette from food coloring is easy to do with amazing bloggers who painstakingly offer guides that hack the color creation process for you. Here’s a fabulous printable that makes it easy to create the colors you really want.

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If you want supersaturated colored eggs, this method with a glossy homemade finish seems like a great hack and a fun alternative to those kits.

2. Smell the foam with whipped egg topping/shave cream

A great way to switch things up is to use whipped topping like Cool Whip or shaving cream to make Easter eggs with psychedelic swirls. Here’s a great tutorial on how to set up your egg dye situation using a tray, dye, and a bunch of fun colors. We think this would be a great option for younger kids – with gloves, of course.

3. Swirl with tie-dye Easter eggs

We love this idea and you get some really fun textures with your paper towels. Just be sure to avoid paper towels that have the company name printed on them (if you don’t like that sort of thing).

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4. Be encrusted with gold

If you want to spruce up your Easter eggs this year, try gold acrylic paint. The look is sure to enhance your traditional decor. Here’s more on paint to try and some brilliant designs you’ll want to try.

5. Make Your Easter Eggs Look Like Marble With This Oil Trick

We were years old today when we learned that it was possible on Easter Eggs.

6. H2OH! Use water to enhance your Easter eggs

Water Marble Easter Eggs are a fun activity for older kids or adults. The method involves dropping nail polish into the water, then dipping your egg into the design. The practice is a bit fascinating to watch and the designs are truly spectacular. Forgive us while we grab a bag of popcorn and watch this for a few more minutes…


If you’re an advanced Easter egg crafter, this dotting technique is amazing. The video shows the craftsman using a wooden egg, but the same methods could be used on a regular hard-boiled egg, but the results would, of course, be temporary. However, that’s the beauty of it isn’t it?

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Have you tried any of these methods? Let us know how your designs turned out, and what you would or wouldn’t recommend, in the comments.

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