10 pearl nail designs to enhance your next manicure


First appeared on the nail art scene a few years ago, pearl nail designs have become one of our favorite nail trends. Delicate jewelry can enhance your ordinary manicure with its classically feminine and elegant design. A refreshing design for the more graphic nail looks that are on-trend, pearl nail art can offer a more minimalist way to make a statement with your nails.

If you are wondering why a few pearls on your nails can make all the difference, it could be related to the jewel’s connection to royalty. The opulent gem has been favored by the upper classes since 2300 BC when it was offered to members of the Chinese royal family. Julius Caesar even made a law to prohibit anyone except the ruling classes from wearing them.

Whether you love the idea of ​​modeling super high end nails or just want to try something new on your next salon visit, find inspiration in these 10 stunning pearl nail designs.

Single beads

This minimalist pearl nail design involves adding a single pearl on each manicured finger. The nail artist chose a nude base and white oval tips to bring out the luminescence of the pearl. Using Lights Lacquer in shades of Adaline and Paper Snow, the pearls provide a pretty eye-catching addition to the classic nail style.

Source: @Pop_Polished

Colored tips with a pearl

This gorgeous nail art design by Michelle Joseph features khaki colored tips embellished with a single bead. The darker tips contrast nicely with the light pink painted nail and the milky pearl. You can easily adapt this style by swapping the khaki for another shade of your choice. We think dark blue, brown or black would be just as amazing.

Source: @michellejosephh_

Pearl encrusted tips

This stunning design involves a French tip encrusted with pearls. Cleverly keeping the base of the nail extremely minimalist with a glossy nude shade, the frosted pearls really shine. Pearl tips use a mix of large and small pearls for a particularly jewel look. Perfect for an event, this design really showcases the iridescence of the pearl.

Source: @nailedbypg

Gold pearl chain

If you are looking for nail art that will match your gold jewelry, you might want to take inspiration from Betina Goldstein’s stunning pearl design. Described as a Barbra Streisand X La Rosalia nail baby, the design involves a gold chain that swirls around six different sized pearls. Embellished with a simple gold ring, this trendy design is one of our favorites.

Source: @betina_goldstein

3D color beads

If you like the pearl trend but lean towards more graphic nail designs, you’ll appreciate this take on Natalie P Nails design. Using a spray base of sheer glitter, this nail art design sees the pearls rise from the nail and into the air. While the artist describes the design as a space age look, we think the pearls give it a mermaid edge.

Source: @nataliepnails

Pink pearls

This sweet design gives the nail trend an extra girly update. Using pink sequins as a base, the beads are given a light pink shimmer. We love the way the nail artist alternated the vertical and horizontal placements of the beads to give the design a little more oomph.

Source: @ blingnails.x.dana

Clear and clean

This clean nail art design showcases the pearls in all their glory. With a sheer base, the opaline beauty of the pearl steals the show. The style is a bit more daring than the other pearl designs and this is only accentuated by the Balanciaga leather bag and the cool track pants it is paired with.

Source: @nailsbyfionna

Rows of beads

Another beautiful design by nail artist Chanel Betina Goldstein features a set of eight beads placed in rows on each finger. Without long tips or colored varnishes, the design is incredibly simple and very effective. We love the addition of gold bead jewelry to really complete the look.

Source: @betina_goldstein

Dark tipped pearls

While most pearl nail designs seem to stick with lighter colors, this nail artist shakes things up with a dark black glitter French tip. We love how the white glitter featured in the reflective black polish matches the three tiny pearls attached to the base of the nail.

Source: @_ danails__

Beads with golden chrome

The combination of gold and shiny pearls makes this nail design really stand out. As the golden swirl carefully surrounds the raised bead, the sharper tips really accentuate the power of the nail and make the nails look almost regal. If you need a design that instills confidence, this one could be this one.

Source: @ _st.nelle

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