10 Portland-made gifts for dapper dads


When you think of your dad, “dapper” might not be the first adjective that comes to mind, especially not in the era of the WFH that has sapped everyone’s desire to wear anything but sweatpants. But the dads in your life have remained dapper throughout the pandemic, kudos to them. That your father, husband, grandfather or whoever you are celebrating this fathers day is a fashion plate or not, there is a PDX upgrade, durably stylish and actually functional available for their wardrobe this Father’s Day.


Encourage dad to slightly raise his outerwear game by swapping his ratty gray hoodie for this one Made in PDX buttoned vest. This 50s style sweater is 100 percent wool, thick and super well made—Mr. Rogers would approve, and truly, there’s no greater dad icon.

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For the dad who’s not so secretly envious of his daughter’s brown teddy jacket from Urban Outfitters, this sherpa shirt is the perfect swap. Ffrom the dark blue sherpa to the matching flannel pocket and elbow patches, this is one of the trendiest dad jackets we’ve ever seen. It’s giving the vintage energy of Patagonia—perfect for camping, a rainy new-season morning getaway and keeping a girl warm once this jacket becomes an inevitable addition to her wardrobe.

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Never once in the history of dad sunglasses (also known as gas station sunglasses; see here) possesses a pair already been coveted by anyone who has to taste. Never, that is to say down to these unisex sunglasses from Shwood came on the scene. It’s someone who guesses exactly what color ‘matte Hadvance‘ maybe, but anything even slightly resembling a turtle shell is still the top frame color choice, and the round-but-not-also-the round shape is the type that looks good for everyone – so good your dad won’t relapse and buy gas station goggles again. We can only dream.

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IIt is a universally recognized truth that all men need a small bag, whether they know it or not (for proof, please refer to this photo of Brie Larson’s boyfriend poached). And if they don’t feel like exploring tote bags or handbag options, this hand-dyed, sustainably-made shoulder bag is a great in-between. We can imagine this corduroy bag on dads of all ages, from a grandpa making his way through the farmers market to a dad whos forcing his family to join him on a sunrise hike, to the soon-to-be dad who’s all set to learn how to change a diaper.

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OK, anyone who lives in the PNW needs a basic rain jacket that goes with anything and everything. Even if you’re the type who only wears statement pieces, a utilitarian and versatile rain jacket is a necessity. This navy rain jacket from Bridge & Burn is definitely smarter and made from recycled nylon (which adds a bit of flavor). And for a durable rain jacket, the sub-$100 price tag is a huge steal.

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This is just a classic dad belt. Dark Forest USA is a sole proprietorship that makes belts by hand right here in the Pink City. The coolest thing about these belts is that they’re made to order (no mass production of leather here), and you can personalize them with your dad’s initials or another nifty two-letter acronym. The dealer’s choice!

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Adding to the list of things every dad needs or desperately needs is a classic, no-frills, black dop case. North Syou. creates its products in-house here in PDX and sources it sustainably in the United States. There’s even a cute little American flag tag on the dop kit that says so. The weekend dop cat is the perfect size for dad’s “shaving kit and electric gadgets” with mesh sleeves inside for…skin care? Eye drops? A comb? Anything you (or him) might need to hide in there, there’s a pocket for that.

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Are you even a man living in PDX if you don’t own a muted beanie, of a hue that exists in the forest? If not, you should probably buy this one; and if so…what’s one more? This 100 percent PNW screams merino wool beanie—among the color options, to sustainable sewing practices, to the tiny Haystack Rock artwork burned into the leather label facing the wine cork. And if your dad is for some reason skeptical of the beanie front, tell him Steve Zissou wore one, as well as Bill Murray playing Steve Zissou, or send him this GQ article, explaining the incredible history of the “dumb little hat” in men’s fashion.

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Whether you’ve never seen your husband without facial hair and you’d rather it stay that way, or you’ve been begging your boyfriend to shave his “mustache” for months and he’s not quite budging , give your partner the gift of some (facial care) hair products. The aptly named Goddamn Man Co is owned by a woman small business here in PDX. This gift set includes a beard oil to moisturize and relieve irritation, and a styling balm.

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Gift cardPDX Laundry Local


Whether your dad is the biggest Trail Blazers fan or just wants to pretend he is, gGive him a sweater that he will choose himself. Laundry PDX specializes in select sportswear i.e. jerseys and activewear collected on business funds, Depopand flea markets, deemed “vintage” or “rare” by dealers. Now these treats are on display in a fairly easy one-stop shop for dad, where he can grab a jersey and be out of there in less than 10 minutes. (Unless of course he decides to make small talk with the employees for another half hour. What, just our fathers?)

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