10 vegan leather bags you’ll fall in love with


The world is becoming increasingly aware of the unnecessary impact on the environment and on animal welfare caused by the use of animals for food. Yet so much still depends on animal products, and style is no exception. What should an eco-responsible fashion lover do? We suggest you start with these ten amazingly stylish vegan leather bags to support cruelty-free fashion while enriching your bank of ethical styles.

Scarleton Stylish Reversible Tote Handbag

If you’re worried that vegan fashion means increased ethics for reduced style, this tote bag will take your worries away. Not only is it cute and comes in a bunch of colors, it’s also reversible.

Scarleton Chic Casual Backpack

Everyone needs a trusty (and chic) ​​backpack in their closet, so why not do it in vegan leather? This bag is the perfect choice.

Candace Weekend

Another basic item that you must have in your arsenal is a weekend. We are grateful that this weekend bag is made entirely of vegan leather, because its chic design is very tempting.


For a luxury handbag with an ultra design look, the price is a pleasant surprise. Sure, a cute circular handbag isn’t one of those closet essentials, but seriously, just take a look at this bag.

Small Gessi Micro shoulder bag

All those mini bags you’ve seen celebrities lug around? Yes, you can get an equally cute one, made entirely from vegan leather, and reasonably priced. You’re welcome.

Lace tote

If you are just looking for a classic tote bag in vegan leather, the Lacie Tote is for you. This vegan leather bag has an excellent and sophisticated look that will go with anything including your animal loving conscience.

Hudson tote

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve got a bit of a round tote fetish, and the Hudson tote sings that familiar mermaid song to our wallets.

Delfina two-tone shoulder bag

If you’re concerned about the lack of minimalist styling options in our list of vegan leather bags, you’ll be rest assured when you see this choice. We are in love with the beautiful and simple design of this bag and the monochrome color scheme.

Eleonora shoulder bag

We’ve shown you plenty of exciting vegan leather bag options, but sometimes you just need to add a basic handbag to your repertoire – that’s where the Eleonora Shoulder Bag comes in. It’s simple, elegant, and of course, completely vegan.

Mini Falabella Tote

Stella McCartney has long made her love of animals known, and her bags do not deviate from that love. If you are looking to acquire an investment piece for your handbag wardrobe, look no further than this classic handbag.


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