12 Rings Jewelry Designers Wear 24/7





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“As I work a lot with my hands, I like to decorate my fingers with stacks of rings. I own quite a few rings, many of which I designed for Auvere. One of my favorite Auvere rings of all time is the Slice Ring Polished in solid 22 carat gold. I designed the Slice Ring in 2018 and it has become a popular ring for us. One of our clients even offered his fiancée a trio of these rings.

One of the things I love about the Slice ring is its simplicity. The story of this ring is in its minimalist form, which gradually rises to a small peak. The clean architecture of the ring showcases the richness of 22k gold and makes it easy to wear with everything. As good as the Slice ring looks worn on its own, I wear this ring stacked on one finger in a group of three. When worn this way, each ring rotates in different directions, resulting in a cool shape.

Another thing that makes this ring a great choice is its versatility. Slice rings look great together, but they can be stacked with many other rings, including our 24k Xanthe Ring, Callen Ring and Octavia Stack Rings. I wear my trio of Slice rings with just about any look, but I prefer to wear them with graphic and monotonous colors, like black, white or red.” — Gina Love, founder of Auvere


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