16 Pet Products Paris Hilton Loves On Sale For Prime Day


Think about Paris Hilton, and the first thing that comes to mind is not necessarily his pets. But throughout Hilton’s decades of glory, she’s mothered countless different animals, including dogs, cats, ponies, pigs, ferrets and rabbits.

So, if one thing is clear, Hilton loves her furry friends, and so do we. Her Instagram account dedicated to her pets has over 75,000 followers, many of whom adore the life of luxury enjoyed by her furry children. There’s no doubt that pets at Hilton only get the best. And ahead, we’ve rounded up Hilton-approved pet treats, so you too can pamper your pets with her favorites.

16 Paris Hilton-Approved Pet Products On Sale For Amazon Prime Day

Wild One Small Triangle Tug Toy, $13.95 (originally $14.99)

This Hilton-approved tug toy is super durable, perfect for multi-dog homes, and made from high-quality materials, so you know it’s safe for your pup. It is BPA and phthalate free, and both textures are made with 100% natural rubber and 100% natural cotton rope. You can also choose from four fun colors: pink, blue, lilac or beige.

OUAI Fur Baby Pet Shampoo, $32

yeah animal shampoo

For fans of OUAI’s human hair care, your furry friend(s) can now enjoy the same refreshing scent and high quality formulation in their very own pet shampoo. It’s gentle, vegan and effective for cats and dogs.

Enchanted Home Pet Ultra Plush Snuggle Bed, $99.97

enchanted pet bed

It’s a bed fit for a princess! Perfect for pets that like to curl up when they sleep, this hot pink sofa-shaped bed features a storage pocket for toys or bones and a removable, machine-washable cushion cover.

Electric scalp massager, $29.99

electric scalp massager

Hilton shared that she loves pampering her Harajuku Chihuahua with this gentle massager. This scalp massager is compact, cordless and has two different speed settings. It’s ideal for cats and dogs, and you can save an additional 7% when you apply the coupon on the page.

Max Bone dog carrier, $145


You’ll truly feel like Hilton with one of her puppies when you carry this super luxurious and beautifully designed carrier for small dogs. It’s chic, durable, and perfect for everyday use when you want to take your dog with you on errands or a quick outing.

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Rhinestone Dog Bowls, $22.99

pink rhinestone dog bowl

Stainless steel bowls are always a great option for your pets. But if plain old silver isn’t your thing, these dazzling bowls are just as safe and effective, and perfect for adding a little glitz to mealtime. Even better, you can save an additional 6% when you select the coupon on the page.

CozyChic Barefoot Dreams Ribbed Pet Sweater, $39

barefoot dream dog sweater

For pets that get cold, this ribbed sweater is as cozy as it is adorable. The high-quality material is ideal for retaining heat and the sweater sports an opening at the top for seamless leash access. It is available in five chic colors and you can buy matching clothes for yourself.

Vuitton Chew Dog Toy, $17.94

dog chew toy

We know Hilton loves her fancy bags, so it’s no surprise she enjoyed spoiling her puppies with these “fancy” toys. Luckily, there’s no need to worry about tearing that purse – this plush squeaky dog ​​toy is much more durable than the real thing. Making it even more chic is the ability to choose the perfect style for your dog.

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Sushi cat toys, $15.99

sushi cat toys

Hilton, a sushi lover herself, recommends these adorable catnip-filled cat toys. The six different designs (which are inspired by real pieces of sushi) are perfect for rolling, carrying or whatever your cat likes to play.

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Pet Fashion Princess T-Shirt, $9.99

pet princess t shirt

For pets who do well with clothes, this adorable and stylish t-shirt is soft and comes in four different sizes. Moreover, it sports a princess crown design in the front and center.

Jonathan Adler Woof cartridge, $116

jonathan adler cartouche

This fun box will look adorable on your counter and is perfect for keeping dog treats.

Pet tent with cushion, $47.99

pet tent with cushion

A tent like this is an adorable way to create a chic and practical enclave for your furry friend. It is perfect for all cats that like an enclosed space, or can be used indoors and outdoors for dogs. Either way, it’s made from durable materials and easy to install.

Personalized Rhinestone Dog Collars, $11.99

rhinestone dog collar

Hilton is no stranger to rhinestones, and this personalized collar is a perfect way to add some bling to your pup’s look.

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Wild One Blush Trash Bag Carrier $7.99

wild poo bag holder

If you have to carry poo bags, you might as well look good doing it. Luckily, this blush-colored bag holder isn’t just cute, it’s safe, easy to use, and fits all standard dog poop bag rolls.

Nina Woof London Vegan Leather Dog Leash, $35.99

nina woof vegan leather dog leash

If you need a new dog leash, Hilton recommends this cruelty-free vegan leather option. It measures four feet in total length and is beige in color.

Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Dog Bed, from $148

barefoot dream dog bed

Barefoot Dreams makes some of the most comfortable bedding, including pet beds. And this deluxe option is made from a super soft microfiber material that’s perfect for furry friends of all kinds. The outer cover is machine washable and the main cushion has a memory foam cushion. It is also available in three different sizes.

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