20 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas That Will Make Your Guests Smile


A beautiful and elaborate Indian wedding includes many elements such as an inspiring venue, delicious cuisine, ancient rituals, beautiful dressing and much more. As part of the event, a key factor is the Indian wedding invitation along with the sweet wedding favors. favors are small gifts given to guests by the bride and groom, in order to thank them for attending the wedding and celebrating the elegant occasion with them. There are many types of favors available, but keep in mind that you don’t have to be expensive. It should be something meaningful, inspiring, fun, and something that surprises guests and makes them smile or laugh.

While the idea of ​​giving wedding favors is just a matter of personal choice, it should be noted that it’s a wonderful way to show your appreciation to family and friends who attended the wedding. Here is an overview of 20 unique wedding favor ideas from which you can choose the one that suits you:

1. Scented candles in a glass jar with your names printed on one side, something that really comes in handy to guests afterward for a long time.

2. Handmade colorful hand fans that have a beautiful image or can be personalized with a photo, which guests will keep long after

3. Candy in a box with a coupon that can be redeemed at a fast food joint or local restaurant is sure to be a lip smacker.

4. If it’s a winter wedding, giving guests favors like shawls, stoles or mittens will be a nice surprise. pack them soundly in small paper boxes,

5. The chocolate chip cookies from the bakery are placed in an attractive metal gift box which can then be used as a jewelry box, cash box or for trinkets.

6. How about lots of small gifts like small bottles of potpourri, chocolates, small wristwatches or bracelets, coupons and makeup items placed in a bag created from handmade paper? the hand ?

7. If you want something eco-friendly, check out potted plants, which are an inexpensive gift option that can be tucked into custom boxes.

8. Homemade jams or jars of locally sourced honey are another way to say how much you appreciate those who attended the wedding.

9. Personalized keychains with a very elegant or striking look and finish are definitely popular as they can be used long after

10. Handmade soaps with pretty floral scents and face mist are favors that are sure to have guests swooning.

11. Tea bags and other aromatic instant coffee powders neatly wrapped in pretty drawstring bags are sweet items that guests can enjoy long after.

12. Small embroidered purses, purses or sunglasses boxes are lovely knick-knacks, items that will be used long after by guests and great keepsakes.

13. A box of dried fruits and nuts is something guests will enjoy with their family. It can be eaten as is or used in sweet recipes

14. Try the trash box in the form of a small chest with many items like mints, tutti-frutti, mentos, small chocolates, key rings, gift basket, small perfume bottles , etc.

15. How about a box with various beauty items like face lotion, perfumes, face masks, cream, sunscreen, small makeup kit, aftershaves for men, hair gel, etc.

16. A bag full of assorted dry Indian sweets soaked in rose essence is indeed a new guess that guests will enjoy with family.

17. Pretty mugs or mugs made with lovely patterns printed on the surface will be highly appreciated by the guests who can use them later

18. A potli bracelet bag with trinkets like chains, bindi, bracelets, rings, earrings and similar bag for men’s items

19. The tealight holder made of metal and with elaborate carving work is a beautiful item that can be used on occasion and also shown to others

20. Brass idols with diyas attached are a nice favor that can be used as a centerpiece, used every day in the pooja room

It should be noted that giving wedding favors is a trend today, so it is a must to check after selecting a bright Indian wedding invitation. Whether it’s a Mehndi ceremony, Sangeet or reception, these are the most thoughtful ways to thank guests, especially when you can’t find a wedding gift to give them.

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