9 Dragon Ball GT Characters Who Would Make A Great Hogwarts Headmaster


Dragon Ball GT is a mash-up of ideas that largely moves forward without substantial story involvement from the show’s mastermind, Toriyama. One of the main initial selling points of Dragon Ball GT is that the anime would lean into older, more expanded versions of the franchise’s classic characters.

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Dragon Ball GT has many people ready to jump into battle and defend the planet, but there are just as many wise souls and brilliant minds who would be perfectly suited to lead budding wizards through the school of sorcery. and wizardry of Hogwarts.

9 Goku’s Fighting Years Are Preparing Him To Lead The Next Generation Of Heroes

Dragon Ball GT resumes from the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z where Goku leaves his family and friends behind in order to focus his efforts on making Uub Earth’s greatest hero. Uub’s training is complete when Dragon Ball GT begins, but this role of mentor seems so natural for Goku.

He really enjoys sharing his knowledge and combat experience with others and helping them grow. Goku and Uub don’t trade magic, but the way he teaches her energy techniques and helps her become more in tune with her ki is identical to the mentality of any honorable headmaster at Hogwarts.

8 Kibito Kai and Old Kai turn their sacred planet into a heroic training ground

dragonball explored fascinating levels of celestial deities during its run. King Kai is a valuable mentor in Dragon Ball Z, but Dragon Ball GT pays more attention to Old Kai and Kibito Kai. Much time is spent on the Kai’s sacred world, which feels like an unofficial shrine and place of knowledge.

Kibito Kai is the Potara fusion of Supreme Kai, Shin, and Kibito. Kibito Kai and Old Kai work in tandem to educate Goku in the ways of Super Saiyan 4. This experience, combined with their training of Gohan in Dragon Ball Z, all point to strong Hogwarts principals who appreciate the fundamentals.

seven Hercule Satan is a shy and approachable martial arts legend

dragonball is full of real heroes who have the power to destroy planets if they felt like it. At the same time, there are also martial artists like Hercule Satan, who sit alongside inflated egos and flashy showmanship. Hercules won’t eliminate any villain that threatens the planet, but he knows the basics of martial arts and he has a pure heart and a kind soul.

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In Dragon Ball GT, Hercules is later in his years and seems ready to pay him in regards to his contributions to society. It’s easy to imagine Hercules as the fun-loving Headmaster of Hogwarts who lacks skill, but still inspires his students to make him proud.

6 Piccolo’s skills and rough edges are balanced by his desire to inspire

Piccolo is one of the most fascinating figures of dragonball and he went from being a villain who was sent to the planet to take out Goku to being one of the Saiyan’s best friends and an unofficial part of his family. Piccolo is another helpful person who is sidelined for most of Dragon Ball GT.

However, Piccolo comes out in heroic fashion when he chooses to stay in Hell to help watch over this violent wasteland. This responsible decision, combined with Piccolo’s “babysitting” experience with Gohan, Trunks, Goten, and Pan, underscores that he is surprisingly good with children.

5 Bulma’s infinite wisdom could create prolific wizards at Hogwarts

Not enough dragonball fans are giving Bulma the credit she deserves. She may not contribute much in combat or possess impressive physical strength, but her scientific creations have been invaluable in the series between Radar Dragon, starship repairs, and even perfecting time travel.

Bulma is in her last years in Dragon Ball GT, but that doesn’t stop him from inventing other technological breakthroughs to help the heroes. In GT, Bulma has more time and resources than ever before and it’s an ideal combination for her to share that knowledge with the minds of tomorrow.

4 Vegeta becomes more comfortable helping others grow

Vegeta quickly became a fan-favorite character in dragonball and despite his villainous origins, he’s become one of the franchise’s most trusted heroes. Vegeta begins Dragon Ball GT a little more relaxed with a modified haircut and a healthy relationship with his daughter, Bulla. He is soon pushed beyond his previous limits as a fighter.

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Vegeta is often portrayed as an impatient and rabid individual, but he has taken young Saiyans under his wing on several occasions to help them grow. He’s just not someone who suffers from fools and that stern attitude in a headmaster of Hogwarts is what creates committed and powerful wizards.

3 Trunks is a valuable blend of strength and intelligence

A new element of Dragon Ball GT is that it features new designs for older versions of classic characters. However, Trunks is a unique individual. The aged version of him looks identical to Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z, but they couldn’t be more different in personality.

Trunks is drawn into galactic adventures with Goku and Pan, and he still has plenty of combat experience from his youth. This version of the character is the president of Capsule Corp. at the start of the series. Trunks hates this level of responsibility, but he does well in it, and it feels like a position analogous to that of a Headmaster at Hogwarts.

2 General Rilldo is a dedicated and enduring soldier who wants to spark greatness in others

Dragon Ball GT travels through the universe and introduces many new species into the mix, but the most significant are the Machine Mutants, who dominate the start of the series. The Mutant Machines come in many shapes and sizes, and General Rilldo of Planet M-2 is one of Goku’s earliest adversaries.

Rilldo doesn’t seem beyond redemption and he actually turns out to be a natural leader for the little machine mutants. It’s possible that Rilldo just hasn’t found the right focus and drive in life and something like leading impressionable minds at Hogwarts would be telling for him.

1 Gohan’s Ambivalence In Dragon Ball GT Could Be Healed With A Director Role

Gohan is older and wiser in Dragon Ball GT, but the character is unfortunately discarded and the series does not give the Saiyan the same depth and development that he experiences in Dragon Ball Z Where Dragon Ball Super. Gohan is a discreet presence in Dragon Ball GT, but that does not erase his previous achievements.

Gohan’s family and his passion for studies make him a natural candidate for a role akin to that of a Hogwarts headmaster. It feels like Gohan is past his prime and doesn’t want to engage in fierce battles anymore and a pivot towards education makes a lot of sense.

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