All about the Lady Dior bag made in honor of Diana, Princess of Wales


Princess Diana is one of the most iconic and beloved women to ever exist, inspiring generations of people who lend their time and talents to underprivileged groups and charitable causes. Although the royal died in 1997, aged 37, her influence lives on – and while it was her humanitarian work that truly inspired the world, her fashion had an undeniable influence on pop culture.

Diana, Princess of Wales | Bettmann/Getty Images

Most notably, fashion house Dior, one of the most exclusive and coveted brands in the world, chose to rename one of its handbags after Princess Diana, due to its loyalty to the handbag. . The tribute remains one of the most interesting examples of the worlds of celebrity and fashion colliding.

Princess Diana was a fashion icon

While the world has always been interested in royal family fashion, Princess Diana has really taken things to a new level. She set the bar high in terms of personal style and wasn’t afraid to try bold and original things. She loved edgy silhouettes, including cropped skirts, off-the-shoulder dresses, and biker shorts paired with oversized sweatshirts.

Some critics of her style claimed she was too rebellious – but many appreciated the way she dressed purposefully, using her fashion choices to raise awareness for causes she believed in. After her divorce from Prince Charles, Princess Diana became even more popular. , gracing the covers of fashion magazines around the world.

The Lady Dior bag is a timeless symbol of fashion to this day

Princess Diana had a favorite handbag, just like she had favorite outfit combinations. According vogue, she presented herself for the first time with the now emblematic Dior bag in Paris, during the opening of a Cézanne exhibition. Originally the design was known as ‘Chouchou’, which is a French word for ‘favourite’ – but after Princess Diana began to show an extreme affinity for the bag, taking it with her to a number of high-profile events, Dior renamed the Lady Dior bag, after Princess Diana.

Over time, the bag became Dior’s flagship handbag, thanks in large part to the influence of Princess Diana. After her death in 1997, Dior continued to introduce new variations of the handbag, all under the Lady Dior name. These days, according to Luxury Fashionthe bag is still in production at Dior, with brand new iterations each season.

The bags are easily recognizable thanks to their signature cross-stitching on the leather, which creates a diamond illusion, and the feminine, arched handle. Fans who want to own a Lady Dior bag can purchase one at Dior for around $4,000 for a small version or up to $6,500 for a medium version.

Other stars who have had handbags named after them

Over the years, many stars have inspired handbags – and designers have followed Dior’s lead, renaming or even creating bags in honor of these stars. According E ! On line, a good example of this is the Birkin bag from Hermès. The Birkin bag is now widely considered a celebrity status symbol, but was originally named after French singer Jane Birkin, who provided the design house with a list of her “must haves”.

Designer Jason Wu is a good friend of actress Diane Kruger, so he collaborated with her to create a simple and elegant flap bag. Design house Mulberry decided to honor supermodel Cara Delevingne in 2014, naming one of its backpacks “Cara” after the popular model. For celebrities, getting a handbag with their name on it is probably one of the ultimate ways to prove their fashion credentials.

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