Are you a minimalist? These bags are perfect for you


We’re sure you’ve heard the Y2K trends are making a comeback – think denim, sequins, and chain links from Britney, and a general re-emergence of the maximalist trend. However, for those who want to actively reverse the ‘camp’ approach to their wardrobe and stick with the pandemic-induced trend of everything clean, minimal, and comfortable, that’s about what. that we are also looking for; and we extend that love for no-fuss silhouettes to our accessories, especially our handbags.

Have you ever traced your fingers along the clean lines, subtle curves or sharp angles of a geometrically perfect handbag? If the sensory experience doesn’t invoke a quiet reaction, we really don’t know what will. Hidesign’s new collection, Zen, is inspired by a similar need to combine structural harmony with that kind of meditative feeling, with minimalist bag designs handcrafted with the finest vegetable tanned leather with patterns straight from the ground. Zen symbolism. Inspired by patterns found in Zen gardens and meditation stones, and emblematic of the Japanese design principle of Shibui (simplicity), these bags are the perfect wardrobe companions for those with a penchant for understated elegance and the like. .

“The Zen path of yoga, with its refined sense of beauty, is a constant inspiration from us at Hidesign,” says Mr. Dilip Kapur, founder of Hidesign, whose design sensibilities are influenced by life in Aurobindo. Ashram & Auroville. It’s no wonder that love of nature and appreciation for unassuming silhouettes is often the highlight of all Hidesign collections. And Zen is no different. With shoulder bags, satchels, shoulder bags, messengers and briefcases for men and women, everyday options are plentiful.

If you are looking for versatile options and how to integrate them into your daily life, here are some serious suggestions.


A very structured bag like the Zazen 06 can be offset by easy silhouettes like XXL blazers, anti-fit denim or comfortable mesh dresses. They are perfect for a day at the mall or a stroll along the beach. It also turns into an elegant handbag thanks to the wooden handle.


If you find the use of wood in your handbags appealing, then turn to the Mitzu shoulder bag which has wooden gussets on the sides instead of the plain leather. The sturdy convertible crossbody bag is perfect for those looking for an everyday staple.


For women who find small shoulder bags impractical in terms of size and utility, the Eiko 02 shoulder bag can go from day to night essential. A perfect work bag that can be used as a last minute bag in the moonlight. A must-have for impromptu house parties.


A messenger bag for men that is actually gender neutral, the Kenji 01 Messenger is perfect for a casual work look and able to inject a much needed element of subtle glamor, while still reserving the more serious vibe of the day’s workout. work for its briefcase version.


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