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Whether you need a multi-day pack to carry all your backcountry climbing gear, a hydration pack for long training days, or everything in between , brings you great discounts on all kinds of Packs and Bags.

As usual, we receive a portion of the sales – the items listed have not been tested by the editors.

Marmot Kompressor 18L Backpack

$41.21 (25% off, was $54.95)

The Kompressor makes a great summit backpack – its 18 liters are roomy enough for food, water, extra layers and some gear, yet small enough to allow freedom of movement when climbing. The name “Kompressor” is pretty literal here too, as it packs into its own pocket for easy storage and travel. Nylon and polyester fabrics are durable yet lightweight, with the set weighing only 10.2 oz.

View the Kompressor 18L Backpack at

CamelBak Skyline LR 10L backpack

$84.47 (35% off, was $129.95)

For day hikes, ridge runs and mountain biking, the Skyline LR is a great companion. It’s low cut and has a ventilated back panel for maximum comfort, and the three-liter hydration reservoir provides plenty of water throughout the long, sweltering day. The rest of the space in the bag can be dedicated to snacks, clothes and your personal belongings, ensuring you have everything you need for your mountain adventure.

View Skyline LR 10L Backpack at

Granite Gear Crown 2 Limited Edition 60L Backpack

$129.97 (35% off, was $199.95)

The Crown 2 is about as light as multi-day packs, weighing just 2lbs 5oz. But, if you really want to reduce the weight, you can remove the lid and internal frame and the bag weighs only 1 lb 11 oz. So when you’re hauling a heavy load of climbing gear up the mountains for a multi-day excursion, don’t let the weight of your backpack add to your payload.

Check out the Crown 2 Limited Edition 60L Backpack at

Mystery Ranch Super Booty 28L Backpack

$79.16 (20% off, was $98.95)

The Super Booty is a great pack option as a climber and commuter. It has a durable outer fabric to withstand whatever you throw at it, and just enough space to store your daily essentials and be on your way. The Super Booty has an internal laptop sleeve, multiple zippered pockets and a roll top closure so you have some leeway in terms of space in the main compartment. Not to mention it’s a super stylish piece.

View the Super Booty 28L Backpack at

Medium Hydro Flask Dry Storage

$33.71 (25% off, was $44.95)

For excursions in notoriously wet areas like the Cascades or the Rockies, it pays to pack a small dry bag for your electronics. The Medium Dry storage bag from HydroFlask has coated fabric and taped seams with a zipper to keep water, dust and sand out. It even has a touchscreen window so you don’t have to remove your device to use it.

View Average Dry Storage on

Metolius Yosemite Chalk Bag

$11.96 (20% off, was $14.95)

The chalk bag is one of a climber’s most important bags – it’s our lifeline when our gentle palms clack desperately and slip off the rock. The Yosemite Chalk Bag is fully functional with no fuss. This is a classic chalk bag with a durable outer material and a stiff rim that holds its shape well for easy chalking.

Check out the Yosemite Chalk Bag at

KAVU Shapiro Rope Bag

$52.46 (30% off, was $74.95)

The Shapiro Rope Bag gives you a comfortable and convenient way to bring your rope to and from the cliff. It has two shoulder straps for comfortable carrying with a backpack, while the main cavity tightens with a pull cord and has a tarp to shuck your rope. It also has small zippered pockets to store your personal items.

View the Shapiro Rope Bag at

Patagonia Planning Divider 30L Backpack

$59.50 (50% off, was $119)

This backpack from Patagonia is a great rock backpack – 30L is just enough for your harness, shoes, chalk bag and other personal items. It doubles as a commuter, with an internal laptop sleeve and zippered pockets for organization. Or it makes a great gym bag, with a mesh divider for your wet clothes or towel after your workout. This is a multifunctional and stylish bag, and for 50% off you can’t beat the deal.

View the Planning Divider 30L Backpack at


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