Believe it or not, this luxury bag is made from orange peels


No matter how much you love oranges, have you ever thought about making a bag out of them? The idea may sound outrageous; but a Jordanian culinary artist did it. You read correctly ! Culinary artist and molecular gourmet Omar Sartawi has created a luxury handbag with orange peels. Surprised? Omar’s creation is a high-end luxury product that is also environmentally friendly. In a video released by Reuters, Omar explains the purpose and process he follows to make leather from orange peels. He said: “One of the things I am currently working on is to transform the leather of fruits and vegetables in new ways, to be used as an environmentally friendly material, to transform it into luxury brands. “

First, Omar hand picks fresh oranges at a local market. “I buy oranges from here. I take its peel and start processing it in different stages,” he says. For him, it takes almost two weeks to process the orange peels and make the material workable. “Later I switch to what we call ‘digital fabrication’, to find the design we want and cut it with a laser,” he added. Then Omar flattens the material so that the rough surface does not cause problems during the design.

Orange peels aren’t the only organic materials Omar has worked with. He also made face masks and tents from eggplant leather.

“We can create extravagant products with modern designs using the technologies available,” Omar said during the interview. He has used the process in the fields of fashion, accessories, high-end bags and furniture.

The video received more than 62,300 views on Twitter. Here is the clip:

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Omar also posted an article about the bag on his Instagram page. He described the materials used and wrote in the caption: “Orange peel on gold plated brass with a hand carved malachite stone”. He worked on the bag with Bahraini designer Noof AlShekar.

Omar also shared a video where he puts the finishing touches on the orange peel bag. Watch it here:

The collaboration around this bag took almost a year of experimentation. In an Instagram post, Omar wrote: “After a year of trial and error, the ‘Orange Peel Leather Bag’ finally comes together wonderfully.”

Users are overwhelmed by innovation. Some have asked where they can buy Omar’s faux leather products.

Another suggested a brand name, “Citrus”.

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