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Which Coleman sleeping bag is the best?

Coleman is one of the most recognized brands of camping gear. From tents to outdoor cooking equipment, they have made a name for themselves by offering very high quality products at affordable prices. Coleman is also a very popular brand because it is so widely available in physical stores.

Their product variety extends to sleeping bags, which are designed for all varieties of temperatures and always focus on comfort first. The best is the Coleman Cool Weather Sleeping Bagthat will keep you warm in temperatures as low as 30 degrees, thanks to the soft knit lining inside.

What to know before buying a Coleman sleeping bag


Staying warm while you sleep outdoors is of utmost importance. For this reason, most sleeping bags are measured by the temperatures they can withstand. They are also often referred to by the season for which they are best suited. All-weather sleeping bags should be able to keep you comfortable when it’s as low as 30 degrees. If you’re camping in winter temperatures specifically, you want to make sure your pack can withstand at least 15 degrees.

Foldable sleeping bags

Any sleeping bag you find today will come with a carrying case to store your bag when not in use. Of course, experienced campers know that sometimes this is easier said than done. Most sleeping bags aren’t that easy to squeeze into a bag barely big enough to hold. But Coleman uses a set of tools that make packing your sleeping bag easy. Their Roll Control system uses buckles and toggles to keep the bag upright while rolling it up. Plus, the Quick Cord feature lets you secure the bag instead of fumbling with cords.


Another innovative feature of Coleman sleeping bags is the ZipPlow. Camping always brings unique challenges, but the last thing you want to deal with is a zipper snagging on your sleeping bag. If you are camping in cold weather, you will definitely sleep with several layers of clothing in a properly fitted sleeping bag. This can cause your zipper to snag on your clothes, not to mention the fabric of the bag itself. Coleman’s ZipPlow is a specialized zipper mechanism that pulls fabric away from the teeth of the zipper to allow a smooth opening and closing motion.

What to Look for in a Quality Coleman Sleeping Bag

Camp for two

Most camping product companies don’t consider what it’s like to camp with a partner. Coleman, however, has created special zippers that can connect from one sleeping bag to another. If you buy two of these bags separately, they can connect their zippers and create a large sleeping bag. This way you can cuddle up with your partner when the temperatures get a little too chilly. If you don’t want to spend money on two separate sleeping bags, you can opt for Coleman’s Tandem Sleeping Bag, which is large enough for two normal-sized adults.

Inside pocket

Campers know the issues of tracking your belongings in the wild. This is especially true when settling into your tent at the end of a long day of hiking. You want to safely store your glasses, smartphone or other small items without worrying about spilling over them at night. Coleman has built-in interior pockets in most of their sleeping bags that sit close to the head. They also include a zipper to keep things in place.

Shoulder zippers

Most sleeping bags only close at the edges. This can often expose your body too much, leaving plenty of open space for cold air to enter. One of Coleman’s most unique products is their comfortable, adjustable sleeping bag, which features crossover zippers. These zippers cross your body instead of just at the outer edges. Plus, they have an inner liner that stays intact when you unzip any of the sections. Think of it as a regular bed where you can remove the comforter and still use the flat sheet when it gets too hot.

How much you can expect to spend on a Coleman sleeping bag

Coleman sleeping bags cost between $18 and $70.

Coleman Sleeping Bag FAQs

Do Coleman sleeping bags make a loud rustle?

A. Coleman uses a polyester material in their sleeping bags, so you will hear a slight rustle as you adjust your position. However, many of its bags use a knit blend material on the inside, which is much quieter than polyester.

How big are Coleman sleeping bags when rolled up?

A. The Coleman Tandem sleeping bag, which is one of the largest, is about 20 inches long and 15 inches wide when rolled up. Its standard sleeping bags are much more compact at around 16 inches long and 9 inches wide in their packed form.

What is the best Coleman sleeping bag to buy?

Top Coleman Sleeping Bag

Coleman Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

What do you want to know: This sleeping bag works best in mild temperatures, making it one of Coleman’s best camping products.

What you will love: With a sleek polyester outer lining and a super soft tricot fiber inner lining, the Cool Weather Sleeping Bag is ideal for comfort. It can keep you warm in temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, it has an inside pocket to store your phone or glasses and a ZipPlow system to prevent the zipper from snagging on your clothes.

What you should consider: This sleeping bag will not fit a person taller than 5ft 11in.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best Coleman sleeping bag for the money

Coleman Tandem Sleeping Bag

Coleman Tandem Sleeping Bag

What do you want to know: The Coleman Tandem sleeping bag offers twice the sleeping space for an affordable price.

What you will love: Not only can this bag fit two full-size adults, it can also unzip into two separate bags if you’re traveling solo. Plus, there’s a thermal insulation layer that keeps you warm in temperatures as low as 45 degrees. If you are over 6 feet tall, this sleeping bag can accommodate you very comfortably.

What you should consider: It is better for summer camping because the inner liner does not protect against extreme cold.

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Worth checking out

Coleman Adjustable Comfort Sleeping Bag

Coleman Adjustable Comfort Sleeping Bag

What do you want to know: This uniquely shaped sleeping bag is designed to keep you comfortable with frequent temperature changes.

What you will love: Camping can often be uncomfortable when it comes to temperatures. This bag features cross zippers that allow you to open your bag in the center as well as the edges. There is also an inner liner that protects you even when the outer layer is unzipped.

What you should consider: The angle of the zippers can sometimes be difficult to unzip.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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