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Which lunch box for kids is the best?

Long gone are the days of your kids carrying their lunches in brown paper bags. In their place are boxes and bags made of durable materials that preserve the freshness and temperature of the food inside. Lunch boxes keep individual foods separated and safe from drops and bumps. A good kids lunch box is lightweight, durable and easy to open.

If you’re looking for a brightly colored, soft-sided kids lunch box that comes in your choice of 28 different colors and designs, take a look at the Amersun Kids Thermal Lunch Box.

What to know before buying a lunch box for children

The best place to start is choosing the style of lunch box that’s right for you and your kids. Lunch bags and basic lunch boxes are designed to hold a single meal in a single compartment. They are usually made of a waterproof material, usually nylon or plastic.

bento boxes are Japanese-style lunch boxes that were traditionally made of bamboo. Bento lunch boxes for kids are made of lightweight material but with stiff sides. Either way, they have separate compartments like those on some TV dinners. Bento boxes are a good choice for people who like to eat small portions of several different foods.

Meal Prep Lunch Boxes are for parents who want to track their child’s nutritional intake. They are larger than other types of lunch boxes because they are designed to carry lunches, snacks and supplements that children can eat throughout the day.

Kid-friendly lunch boxes are not only durable and easy to use, but they also have colors, shapes and designs that appeal to children. For more on kids’ lunch boxes, check out Best Reviews’ complete kids’ lunch box buying guide.

What to Look for in a Quality Lunch Box for Kids

Lunch Box Features

Compartments, dividers and containers keep food separate, a big plus for picky eaters. Insulation is important because it keeps things well insulated to keep the cold inside so food doesn’t perish. Some lunch boxes have compartments or pitchers that keep hot foods warm. The handles make it easy to transport your children’s lunch box. Look for soft, comfortable handles with loops that allow lunch boxes to be attached to children’s backpacks.

Exterior pockets and pouches are good places to hold water bottles, so look for lunch boxes that have an exterior pocket that expands to accommodate water bottles of different sizes and keep them close at hand. for all day hydration.

How much you can expect to spend on a lunch box for kids

Inexpensive lunch boxes with one or two compartments cost less than $20. Hard shell lunch boxes can be found between $25 and $35. Meal prep bags and lunch boxes with lots of features and customization range from $40 to $100.

Kid’s Lunch Box FAQs

How do I clean my kids’ lunch box?

A. You can avoid some of the inevitable interior messes by lining the lunch box beforehand with paper towels to absorb spills. You can clean the inside of most children’s lunch boxes with warm tap water and a soft towel. For tougher indoor problems, you should stick with baking soda or vinegar, but avoid cleaning products that will contaminate your child’s food. The same goes for the outside of your kids’ lunch box. When you are done, rinse everything, dry it and let it air out.

How many compartments do I need?

A. It depends on what you send with your child. A wrapped sandwich, an apple and a small package of cookies will not contaminate each other but can be thrown into a lunch box with an oversized interior. Fruit cushioning compartments will keep your child’s bananas, apples and other soft fruits from getting bruised.


The best lunch boxes for kids

Amersun Kids Thermal Lunch Box

What do you want to know: A soft-sided lunch box that comes in your choice of 28 different colors and patterns.

What you will love: The triple layer insulation has an inner layer of aluminum foil, a thermal sponge in the middle and an outer layer of water and dirt resistant Oxford cloth. The nylon handle is durable and ripstop, and the zippers are nickel plated. The design has two zippers on the main compartment, so this lunch box can fully open and lay flat.

What you should consider: Some users wish the pockets were bigger.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best lunch boxes for kids for the money

MAZFORCE Insulated Lunch Bag

MAZFORCE Insulated Lunch Bag

What do you want to know: The vertical layout of this soft-sided lunch box provides storage space that expands when needed.

What you will love: Ultra-thick foam core keeps hot things hot and cool things cool. Heavy-duty Oxford fabric is water resistant and contains no harmful lead, PVC or BPA. This lunch box has mesh pockets inside, a slim back pocket and a bottle holder on the side. The detachable loop on the handle easily attaches to a backpack.

What you should consider: Some users report that this lunch box is not as durable as they would like and others say that their lunch box is leaking.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Omie Kids Bento Box

Omie Kid’s Bento Box

What do you want to know: A Japanese-style bento box that has three different compartments to organize lunches and snacks.

What you will love: The hard plastic outer shell of this lunch box protects food from damage. This lunch box features three compartments that parents and guardians can add or remove to customize the interior. The built-in handle makes this lunch box easy to carry, and the accompanying thermos keeps drinks cold and soups hot.

What you should consider: The lid of the thermos can be difficult to open, so small children will benefit from your coaching.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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