Boxing: Floyd Mayweather switches to an electric car… just to go shopping


VSars and Floyd Mayweather go hand in hand, and the former multi-weight boxing champion uploaded a video of one of his models parked inside a fashionable building while a bodyguard keeps the vehicle safe .

We’ve seen him pose with a collection of luxury cars in white, but he’s never featured an electric car on social media.

Plus, not much time goes by without the American making a video in his mansion garage showing off the models of cars he has, still announcing he’s coming out tonight and letting us witness his choice.

Occasionally mayweather even admitted to having made this type of video to provoke the envy of his ‘haters’ (whom he openly calls “f*****g haters”).

Apparently, for a car to be worthy of entering your garage, you have to burn massive amounts of gasoline, cost a minimum of $300,000, and have horsepower that approaches or exceeds 600 hp.

Rolls-Royce is apparently mayweatherthe favorite brand of, although he also seems to be crazy about Ferrari and Maybach.

It couldn’t be less with someone so capricious whose fortune apparently already exceeds a billion dollars.

We’ve only seen one exception so far to so much luxury: when he recently got ‘deep’ and posted a photo of his first car, a 1994 Chevrolet Indy Beretta, to give us the message that we should never stop believing, and that “it’s all about hard work and dedication”.

An electric car that could be useful to you

mayweather doesn’t seem interested in hybrid or electric cars; he doesn’t seem to care much about the environment, since he’s not afraid to leave a considerable “carbon footprint” by boasting about trips around the world in his private jet.

But while visiting the Dubai Mall, an ultra-luxury shopping center in the United Arab Emirates, he ended up using an electric vehicle, although it was not a full-fledged car. Instead, it’s a license plateless vehicle (something like a golf vehicle but more ‘glamorous’) that can be rented by anyone who wants to go from store to store and without getting tired at the same time. mall interior.

It is understood that the number of vehicles available will be very limited, otherwise the mall would be impassable.

The car in question is manufactured by the Boss brand and the company in charge of its rental is All Electric Cars.

According to its creators, it is elegant and timeless, fitting perfectly into the look and culture of the Dubai Mall.

In the advertising of the vehicles to which Marca Coches was able to have access, it is said that they have a sophisticated rear braking system, their steering allows maneuvering where there is a large influx of pedestrians, they are silent and offer excellent visibility and that they allow their occupants “to immerse themselves in the Dubai Mall experience while feeling like royalty”.

Enjoying it “like a king” would be the initial plan, of course, but the former boxer shopped so much that he filled the vehicle with three rows of seats worth bags (the last one in the counter sense). gear), with the exception of the space reserved for the driver.

It’s his first step towards electrified cars, as far as we know, and we’ll surely see him one day with a plug-in supercar.


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