Burberry launches a new collection of virtual handbags exclusively for Roblox


Earlier this month, Burberry announced a collection of virtual handbags on Roblox, a global online platform connecting millions of people through shared experiences. Drawing inspiration from her iconic Lola bag and her longstanding affinity for nature and the outdoors, the exclusive limited-edition Virtual Lola range includes five one-of-a-kind handbags with experimental designs.

Created in partnership with one of the most established digital fashion designers in the Roblox community, @Builder_Boy, and with one bag dropped off every 24 hours between July 11-15, the initiative reflects Burberry’s commitment to experience creativity and go beyond.

Drawing inspiration from Burberry’s spirit of adventure with their playful aesthetic, the five virtual handbags are crafted from extraordinary materials including clouds, water and wild foliage. Community members can dress up their avatars with the purses on Roblox while exploring the platform’s millions of user-generated worlds, encouraging self-expression and discovery.

As part of the collaboration, each purse comes with an exclusive emote, a one-time action avatars can perform on Roblox, available free to users for a limited time. Distinctive moves, such as levitating or dancing, mirror each handbag’s design theme, with the levitating emote launching in tandem with the Cloud Lola bag, for example. Each purse and emote will be available for purchase for 24 hours only and can be owned on Roblox and worn through millions of experiences on the platform.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Roblox to share a collection of virtual handbags and bring our iconic Lola bag to life in an entirely new and creative way,” said Rachel Waller, Burberry’s vice president of innovation. channels.

“Expressing our digital personalities is a fascinating concept and one that we know is increasingly important to our customers. Roblox is a platform built on the pillars of imagination, community, and creativity, which are core to our brand, and we’re excited to bring our virtual products to this community.

This article was first published on July 25, 2022 in The Edge Malaysia.


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