Carter Bags, a brand of women’s laptop bags, owes its instant viral success on LinkedIn


Charlotte Carter, 31, is the founder of Carter Bags, a company that produces fashionable laptop bags for women. Charlotte came up with the concept while working in sales and struggled to find a good laptop bag that didn’t cost a fortune, she said. “Most laptop bags are very ugly and aren’t designed for women,” she said. “I’ve watched for years and the only ones I liked looked sophisticated and were quite feminine,” she added.

Six months after opening the business, Charlotte posted a personal success story on LinkedIn. She was celebrating paying off her debt repayment loan in 18 months, which should take her seven years. She said in the post: “I just paid off my debt consolidation loan (very substantial). I’m 31, don’t own a house, I’m not married. Charlotte Carter, founder of Carter Bags, with part of his collection Photo: Chris Moorhouse (jpns 071221-27) “In the past 18 months I have paid off a loan that was supposed to take me seven years.

“Especially where I was in sales, you put so much effort into looking presentable and smart, but you end up walking around with those ugly bags.” After a year of planning and researching manufacturers and a professional designer on LinkedIn, Charlotte launched the brand in June of this year and runs Carter Bags alongside her marketing company LinkedIn. There are six bags in the collection, all of which are made from recycled materials and vegan leather. Charlotte wants the brand to be sustainable and empowering.

“I’ll say well done to that.” The post has now had over a million views and Charlotte said sales haven’t stopped since. She said: “The website was visited 10,000 in one day, one of the bags is exhausted and another is expected to be exhausted by the end of the day. Charlotte wanted to thank everyone who supported her, including her nine-year-old daughter Matilda, who has been her “biggest supporter and biggest critic”. To learn more, visit and find Charlotte on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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  • Carter Bags, a brand of women’s laptop bags, owes its instant viral success on LinkedIn
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