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Christian Horner was apparently barred from attending a Mercedes factory tour which he won when it was offered as a prize at a recent auction. The Red Bull chief has submitted the highest bid of £4,000 to win the tour himself – but Mercedes chiefs have barred him from accepting the offer.

Horner landed the tour after outbidding F1 enthusiasts at the Autosport Awards charity auction.

And the money raised from his winning bid is set to go to the Grand Prix Trust, which has provided help and advice to the F1 team’s track and factory staff, as well as everyone directly involved. in sports for three decades.

But, according to racingnews365the 48-year-old won’t be able to accept the offer as a clause was written into the price which prevented employees from other teams from making the rounds.

Horner had clearly submitted the cheeky offer with the aim of gaining a behind-the-scenes insight into the workings of Red Bull’s fiercest rivals.

And he even joked after submitting the winning bid that he would be taking a whole crew of his best team members with him on the tour.

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“I think we saw the marketing and electronics departments and had a really good lunch. And that was about it.”

Horner is currently busy preparing Red Bull for the 2022 season and was present when his team unveiled their new car last week.

And the team principal admits his mechanics are likely to make many changes to the car before the season starts in March.

“Because it’s new regulations, it’s going to evolve very, very quickly,” Horner said of the new RB18.

“I think by the time we get to the first race the car won’t look much like that and I think the evolution will be very, very fast as we progress through the season.

“You are always improving. You can always learn from previous experiences.

“But of course the new full set of regulations will be about development – ​​how quickly teams get to grips with all the new regulations.”


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