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New Kid on the Block: Blue Bottled Coffee

It’s the second district branch of the Oakland, Cali chain (it’s actually majority owned by Nestlé) – the other is at the Walker Hotel on Broadway and there’s one in the World Trade Center and on Broad Street – and that’s is a charming and bright space (and will be even more so once the sidewalk is down). They took over what was to be a Dr Smood until the pandemic shattered those plans, on the northwest corner of Hubert and Greenwich.

Their hook is that they brew the coffee cup by cup by pouring; the grains are mostly organic; the bags are compostable; they have a light touch on the roast.

(And I have to thank their lovely staff who were particularly friendly and clearly photogenic too.)

I’ve always included Blue Bottle in the TC holiday shopping guide because their coffee-inspired product has a nice aesthetic. (The Walker branch seems to have more items, and some that are unbranded). And here they apply those clean Scandinavian lines and crisp colors. There’s not a square corner to be seen – even the chair backs are cylinders.

The founder was a clarinetist from San Fran: he started roasting beans and selling them from a cart in Oakland in 2002; it opened its first store in San Francisco in 2005. The business has grown with investors over the years, arriving in New York in 2010 and Nestlé took the majority turnout in 2017.

All their cafes have the same design palate: “Our cafes are designed to draw attention to what matters: good coffee, daydreams, conversation and the coffee professionals who make it all possible. In service of this goal, we keep the colors of our basic coffees, focusing on just three: Blue Bottle Blue, Fog Gray and blond wood.

NEVERTHELESS! for this place they used navy blue for the first time, to connect with the Hudson. Exciting things.

Blue bottled coffee
408 Greenwich Street in Hubert
Seven days, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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