College Football Bowl Gift Bags: Best and Worst of 2021


It’s a whole new world in college football. In years gone by, the boules gift bag was the only opportunity that players could be rewarded for risking their bodies throughout the season. Now, with the NIL rules, athletes can ultimately get extra compensation for playing one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

While the glitz, glamor, and significance of the gift bag are a thing of the past, it’s still fascinating to see what happens when companies have to try and decide what will appeal to teens the most. Keep in mind that the NCAA has a rule that players cannot receive freebies over $ 550, which makes it an effort to maximize the value of purchases as much as anything else.

The best boules gifts

N ° 1: Bowl Valero Alamo

Gifts: $ 490 Mastercard gift card, shaker bottle, mini helmet, team photo

It’s boring, I know, but the simplicity of giving players 90 percent of their freebie in a big gift card really is the perfect reward. You get some random little keepsakes, which are nice for the event, and then treat yourself to something good.

# 2: PlayStation Fiesta Bowl

Prizes: PlayStation 5 and a game to be determined

It’s a PS5. Do you know how hard it is to find a PS5? Keep it to yourself or step into the horrible side of becoming a lousy aftermarket dealer. The choice is yours!

N ° 3: Liberty AutoZone bowl

Gifts: Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker, Bulova watch, Nike backpack, sunglasses, athletic shoes and sandals, commemorative football

My only fear here is that everything is covered with a mark, but if it doesn’t, it’s a great bag of loot. It’s full of things that you always need, but forget to buy. The articles are also of good quality. When it comes to ‘heaps of stuff’ offerings, the Liberty Bowl is king.

# 4: Cheez-It Bowl

Gifts: $ 400 Amazon Gift Card, Fossil Watch, Ogio Backpack, Memorial Football

I know I just said I’m wary of branded items, but I’m making an exception here. Nobody wants a Bulova watch with the AutoZone logo on it, however, if you give me a Fossil watch with the Cheez-It logo and it’s so silly and funny, I love it. To counter the silly stuff, you also have a $ 400 gift card.

# 5: Quick Lane Bowl

Gifts: JBL Tune Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones, $ 175 Best Buy Gift Card, PhotoSlap Life Size Photo Stickers, Backpack & Tag, Memorial Soccer Ball, Game Items

I like the mix of a few good headphones and a Best Buy card big enough that you can cut a hole in a bigger purchase. It’s not perfect, but we’re about to see what a big ball some of these teams dodged.

Worst Ball Game Gifts

You will notice a common theme to all of these: the gift suite. It is a sort of pop-up store set up by the organizing committee where players can come and collect their own gifts. In theory, this is great, but it put a lot of work not only on the organizers to stock it with good stuff, but also the potential for everyone to want the same thing and turn it into a mess.

I fear the unknown, and the following giveaway is an unknown.

# 1: Bahamas Bowl

Gifts: Swim shorts, Ice Shaker bottle, beach towel, string backpack, lapel pin, additional item to be determined

I can tell you exactly how it happened. Someone came up with this deal thinking “it’s beach!” And at the last second a marketing manager stepped in and said “we can’t just give them this shit collection, add something better.” So now we have the mysterious “additional item to be determined”.

A poor intern is trying to figure out what should be the last item as we speak.

# 2 (tied): TransPerfect Music City Bowl / SRS Distribution Las Vegas Bowl

Gift: Gift suite

That’s it? Seriously? I really hope this suite of gifts is filled to the ears with doping stuff. It’s an effortless attempt, it’s sad.

No. 4: San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl

Gifts: Gift suite, Fleece hoodie, Short sleeve T-shirt, Long sleeve T-shirt

The gift suite is back, but this time she’s brought her friends – three different shirts. These will all be branded, awful and never worn. At least it is Something besides, I guess.

# 5: TicketSmarter Birmingham Bowl

Gifts: Gift suite, hat, Ice Shaker bottle, shadow kit

Another “giveaways + stuff” offer, but it’s not as bad as the “three different shirts” trick at the San Diego Credit Union Holiday Bowl.

Guess I’m not cool enough to know what a “shadow kit” is. Hope it’s neat. Google only tells me that this is an article by Fortnite.


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