Costco Wholesale opens December 9; so what’s the big deal?


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News of Costco Wholesale’s opening on December 9 sent waves of excitement crashing down to the Space Coast.

It has been a long time coming. The “we want to bring Costco to Brevard County” page on Facebook dates back to February 2014, with nearly 2,000 members eager to enter the 148,000 square foot store, just off the Pineda Causeway exit on the Interstate 95.

My sister in Texas loves Costco. She does most of her shopping there. The same goes for my husband’s golf buddy, who says he’ll now hit Costco’s Kirkland Signature golf balls when they play.

According to Costco Connection, a lifestyle magazine mailed to executives and business members of Costco, “To be considered a Kirkland Signature product, a potential item must be equal to or better than its national brand counterpart in terms of quality. It must represent a significant saving for Costco members.

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The new 148,000 square foot Costco warehouse on the Pineda Causeway extension, 1-95 west of Viera, will open on December 9.

The Kirkland Signature label can be found in products ranging from wine and alcohol to wrapping paper and shampoo.

But here’s a confession: I’ve never been inside a Costco. I’m more than happy to shop at BJ’s Wholesale Club in Palm Bay and Merritt Island or Sam’s Club in Cocoa or Melbourne.

What’s wrong with Costco?

Apparently a lot, according to members of our Facebook group 321 Flavor: Where Brevard Eats. I asked them to share their favorite Costco items, and the reaction came quickly, with almost 250 responses.

Here is a sample of what they had to say:

Amy Young-Baylock: “Roast chickens, any of their muffins from the bakery, dark chocolate coconut almonds, their ridiculously huge pumpkin pies and their fresh seafood. “

Suzy Merced: “I hope they still sell wild salmon burgers from the Trident. They were a staple in our house, the kids loved them! “

Hector R Lizardi: “I have always bought the bags of frozen wild caught mahi and salmon. They are individually vacuum packed and the price is reasonable. Kirkland products are also very good.”

Heather Snyder: “We love: the roast chicken (both the quality and quantity of meat per dollar spent), Kirkland’s brand of Prosecco (or any of their wines, really!), The widest selection of products and organic meats versus their competition, flower bouquets, electronics selection and price, jewelry, restaurant gift cards, sheet cakes, chopsticks, fruity frozen yogurt from the food court , coffee, all paper items, Kirkland brand beauty products (shampoo, soap, makeup removers, etc.). I know you said “food”, but I couldn’t help myself. “

Kayla Armstrong: “Beef, seafood (especially when they have the seafood specialist on weekends where you can buy them by the pound), gasoline, SAMPLES, all organic options, clothes, pre-made options to reheat and serve like chicken noodle soup and Korean barbecue, hot dog and pizza from the cafe too. … I forgot the cakes! “

Julie Mackie: “The bakery is the best! Pumpkin pies, breads, cakes, cheesecake and muffins. I can’t wait for this new store to open! I have been writing to the company for six years to open one here. car rental is also great… cheaper and second driver free. I buy the seafood that is caught in the wild. “

Kathy Tanner: “I only buy my flank steak and rack of lamb there, they are the best quality and the best price. Seasonal offers like halibut and sockeye are great. reason to stop. “

George Ronald Beaven: “Their $ 4.99 roast chickens are… the best. This will change the price of roast chickens in other businesses in the area. Their hot dogs have eclipsed the competition in recent Washington Post tests. are right … I also love their Kirkland brand premium nut mix. Kirkland’s frozen lasagna is really good. My grandchildren love it. I’m also a big fan of their street tacos and their cocktail shrimp platters. Plus, good meats, baked goods, cheeses, seafood. … I’m not crazy about their products. Some things, like bananas, don’t seem to be of the best quality, and the large quantities you have to buy cause spoilage. “

Karina Véga: “I hope they have the food court outside. I miss their pizza.”

Like me, not everyone here knows Costco. 321 Flavor member Karen Montes said she has never done one, although she is considering becoming a member for herself, along with additional memberships to give as Christmas gifts.

“I’ve never been there,” Scott Kingston wrote. “Can’t wait to check it out, just don’t know when the madness will end to allow it. I hate big crowds and refuse to line up for anything.”

The Viera Costco Wholesale store will open on December 9, starting with a 7:30 am-8:30am ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce and Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce.

The warehouse will offer a gas station, a food court and 3,800 to 4,000 different products.

Specialty departments will include a bakery, pharmacy, delicatessen and tire center, as well as meat, fresh produce, optical devices, hearing aids, beer, wine and spirits.

Costco memberships are available daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 8530 N. Wickham Road, Suite 100, Melbourne. This commercial strip is located at the northeast corner of the Viera roundabout.

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