Delray Beach residents launch Swinton Pickleball brand for fun parents like them


DELRAY BEACH, Florida, November 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – With terms like “dink,” “cooking,” “paddling,” and “punch,” it’s no wonder pickleball has become one of America’s fastest growing sports (and the most fun for that matter). According to the Sport and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), pickleball participation increased 21.3% between 2019 and 2020 alone. And while the pandemic has slowed growth, pickleball has grown in popularity over the past five years. last years. The growth of pickleball among younger people is leading the way. In fact, according to the 2020 Pickleball Participation Report, the average age of the 3.46 million pickleball players in the United States is 43.5, with 49% of all players between the ages of 18 and 54.

And this is the market that Delray Beach locals and professionals Carly Bellis and Courtney Campbell focus on Swinton Pickleball. The two moms (and entrepreneurs) were introduced to the game of pickleball in mid-2020, in the midst of the pandemic, each with two children at home, and quickly saw the allure of the activity and how great it could be. fun.

“With all the tennis courts taken one afternoon, we decided to borrow some paddles and give pickleball a try,” Bellis said. “We had a great time and our Thursday nights became synonymous with pickleball with friends, followed by cocktails, beers, wines and cheeses and lots of fun.”

Bellis and Campbell quickly realized that pickleball products, such as the paddles, wiffle balls, and equipment available for purchase, did not match their trendy, laid-back, fun vibe. Instead, the products seemed unchanged from the birth of the sport in 1965 and really needed an update.

“It’s become one of those situations where you want something, you look for it, and when you can’t find it, you do it,” Campbell said. “That’s pretty much what happened for us. Carly and I wanted to create a brand that was as fun as the game itself – and that’s how Swinton Pickleball was born.”

Bellis, a former lawyer and entrepreneur with many digital and e-commerce businesses on her plate, and Campbell, owner and creative director of Delray Beachbranding agency based Campbell Creative, were the perfect team to create the brand. Suitable for young and old alike, Swinton Pickleball is designed for people who can play a competitive game of pickleball and have a good time, without taking themselves too seriously.

“We are looking to disrupt the industry,” added Campbell. “Swinton Pickleball is for those, like us, who like to get out on the field, play with friends or strangers, and then party afterwards with a beer or a glass of wine.”

Swinton Pickleball has a range of products on their website, comprising:

  • Athletic Equipment and Clothes designed for the technical aspects of sport with an extra layer of personality. The clothes come in a variety of designs and are all quality, with quick-drying and breathable fabrics, ideal for South florida, where the brand was created.
  • Paddles with premium graphite technology with a polypropylene core, making them both well balanced and lightweight for optimal ball control. Beginners as well as advanced players will appreciate the power and precision of the Swinton Pickleball racquet. Plus, true to the brand, the paddles feature a stunning design that stands out on the pitch.
  • Equipment Bags are designed as one-shoulder crossbody bags made from 100% neoprene and meant to be worn by both men and women, and perfect for any pickleball player. The bags are designed to store one or two rackets in the front paddle pocket while leaving enough room for towels, a change of clothes in the main compartment. Swinton Pickleball introduced an additional pocket on the back so players can easily store house keys, wallets and phones.
  • Supplements, including visors, sunglasses, mugs and more, are now available on the site – which complete the fun and trendy look that is synonymous with Swinton Pickleball.
  • Starter pack perfect for the Pickleball enthusiast in your life – just in time for the holiday season. Equipped with a paddle, three pickleballs and a bag, this starter pack will help everyone look good (and ready) on the pitch.

About Swinton Pickleball
The Swinton Pickleball brand was launched by Delray Beach, Florida residents and mothers Carly Bellis and Courtney campbell in mid-2021. The founders created the brand with the goal of updating pickleball gear and fashion for young and old alike who want to feel good and have fun while playing the fastest growing sport in the world. United States. Swinton Pickleball is designed to appeal directly to the pickleball player who is looking to have fun while playing, and doesn’t take himself too seriously in the process. Bellis and Campbell, who have 40 years of entrepreneurial experience, share the goal of disrupting the pickleball industry. Learn more about or follow us at @swintonpickleball.

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