Digimaze Lands Performance Marketing Mandate for Superkicks and Hush Mattress


Mumbai: Just at the start of winning mandates for Covifind and LoveLocal, Digimaze announced on Thursday that it had won a performance mandate for Superkicks and Hush Mattresses.

Hush Mattress is a brand known for providing different types of mattresses, from memory foam to orthopedic mattresses. Digimaze will primarily focus on creating performance marketing strategies that will help Hush Mattresses build their digital presence while collecting their own customer base and driving them to their website as well as a fast-moving marketplace like Amazon.

Under Superkick’s mandate, Digimaze has partnered to support campaign design and audience engagement on its website using performance marketing. “This move will strengthen Superkick’s ability to deliver some of the best sneakers not only on their website, but in other markets as well,” the statement read.

“Digimaze is delighted to win mandates for Superkicks and Hush Mattresses. With this win, we intend to make Superkicks synonymous with sneakers and streetwear in India,” said Digimaze CEO and Co-Founder Vatsal Rajgor. “This is only possible through the adoption of innovation, technology and intensive research methodologies that will yield incredible results. Together with Hush Mattresses, we plan to establish a strong brand presence on Amazon and to help it scale its operations and increase its revenue.”

“Digimaze is an agency known for its well-defined expertise in terms of performance marketing strategies and building brand presence online,” Superkicks CEO Sangeet Paryani said of the trade association. . “Given that we operate in a niche industry, our agency aspirations are to adapt and refine their approach for us. We anticipate that the results will be better than our expectations.


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