Disney Kingdomania is an expandable tabletop game from Funko Games


Save a video game world in this tabletop game for players ages 6 and up.

Funko Games unveiled United Kingdoma new tabletop game that will challenge players to save the digital world of Kingdomania from glitches.

The United Kingdom The tabletop game takes place in an 8-bit video game that has glitches that “mix up” game levels. Players will need to fix the glitches and save the video game world before it’s too late. United Kingdom is for 1-2 players with a recommended age of 6+.

United Kingdom is an “expandable” tabletop game, meaning families can play the game using just a few pieces and then expand their experience over time by purchasing additional products.

United Kingdom will be sold in surprise bags Game Balls and Super Game Packs. The term “blind bag” means that shoppers will not know which specific items they will be receiving until they make a purchase.

Each game ball will include two characters and 12 tiles that can be used to build a level in the video game. Super Game Packs will include four characters, 20 tiles and two game-impacting figurines, such as Aladdin’s magic carpet and Sleeping Beauty’s spinning wheel.

Contents of the Disney Kingdomania Game Ball; Source: Funko Games

Families can play the full game of United Kingdom using items from a single Game Ball or Super Game Pack. At the same time, if players choose to purchase additional Game Balls and/or Super Game Packs, they can mix and match pieces from each pack to create new experiences.

In total, the game will have 40 Disney and Pixar characters to collect from Series 1, such as Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, Stitch, and Princess Tiana. In addition to the normal figures, “glitched” versions of certain figures (such as Jasmine and Nick Wilde) will be available exclusively in Game Balls, while two Maleficent Dragon figures will be available to collect only in Super Game Packs.

Each United Kingdom Game Ball will be priced at $9.99, while each Super Game Pack will be priced at $22.99.

Source: Funko Games

United Kingdom will be released in Fall 2022. Keep checking back with SuperParent as we’ll bring you more details about Disney Kingdomania as we get closer to launch.

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