Don’t squint to spot the new Google Play Store logo – here’s our best look yet


Minor tweaks make the new logo look dull

Google made slight adjustments to the Play Store logo five years ago, leaving behind that classic shopping bag symbol enclosing its multicolored play button design. It’s become the defining image associated with Google Play, and apparently we’re due for another change. It looks like a minor change is coming to the Play Store, having been spotted when users make Google Pay transactions. Now, additional information has almost confirmed that Google will likely implement the logo changes on the Play Store.


9to5Google reported that Google submitted a new logo last week to the US Patent and Trademark Office. This office is the official patent and trademark registration authority of the country. At first glance, the proposed design looks extremely similar to the current version. However, on closer inspection, the changes are noticeable. The new triangular logo has more rounded tops, which makes the colors more saturated. In addition, the space occupied by the four colors seems more proportionate compared to the last version, where blue was the dominant color.

A company’s logo is one of the most important elements of a brand. Companies often change their logo for various reasons, such as being unrelated to the current times, having an unforgettable design, or showcasing the company’s new vision. However, the Play Store’s new design seems to miss the mark, as it looks dull and uninteresting. This has been a common concern for many brands as they pare down their elaborate logos to minimalist designs. The logos are start to look alike and abandon their unique identities for minimalist looks.

Although unlikely, we hope that Google will keep its old Play Store logo. In the meantime, the Android market needs to take a serious look at its app listing process. Locating an uncommon app can be tricky in the store because it’s hard to tell the difference between hundreds of apps with the same name. Hopefully the list will be narrowed down so users can save time and not fall prey to spam.


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