Emma Stinson reveals her love for leather and the loom – Armagh I


Most people can say they inherited something important from an aging parent, but few can say they inherited a passion. Emma Stinson, of Richhill Co. Armagh, inherited this from her beloved grandfather Jackie Stinson, saddler and restorer extraordinaire.

This is the first in our four-part series, in partnership with Tarasis Enterprises, Supporting Female Entrepreneurs.

Emma, ​​owner of Simply E Designs, reveals her love for leather and the loom as she describes the various processes involved in developing her line of designer bags, from conception to creation.

As we sit in his workshop, surrounded by benches and shelves, built by his own father, inherited from old Singer sewing machines and threads and leathers of all colors, it is quite obvious that the bags of Emma tell a story, not only of her legacy but also of her desire to remain visible and current; bringing its leather goods to a contemporary market.

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