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Exchange Club of Picayune donates hygiene bags to the sheriff

Posted 2:53 p.m. on Saturday, September 3, 2022

Dozens of bags containing hygiene and comfort products were given to Sheriff staff on Wednesday by the Picayune Exchange Club.

The bags are intended to be given to innocent children who are at the scene of an emergency or criminal case. The children’s parents could be involved in an offense leading to their arrest, creating a stressful situation for the child. The items in the bags, including hygiene products, a blanket and other items, are intended to provide a level of comfort during this time.

Captain Shane Egdar accepted the donation and said sometimes MPs can take certain items out of the bags to meet a particular need of the children involved.

He also shared information on the problems MPs have recently faced. He warned anyone encountering a mysterious package that may be drug-related to avoid touching it as it may contain fentanyl. There have been reports in surrounding areas of MPs overdosing on the substance after touching what appears to be a nondescript object containing fentanyl. Since fentanyl can be absorbed through the skin, he suggests that if the package needs to be picked up or moved, one should wear gloves and call law enforcement to retrieve the item.

He also warns county residents that as the holidays approach, crimes related to theft typically increase. Residents can protect their property by locking vehicles and homes and keeping valuables out of sight in the vehicle or removing them from the vehicle. Edgar said about 89% of all burglaries involve an unlocked vehicle.

With so many gifts being bought online, he also advised residents to include delivery instructions on their order to ensure the package is not left in plain sight. Residents can also install cameras outside their homes or purchase doorbells equipped with cameras.


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