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Find outlets online

Many brands are now selling their excess inventory through their own digital outlets. For example, Rixo, famous for its patterned dresses, has an archive section on its site where you can shop previous season’s styles for up to 50% off.

The Outnet is selling styles from the previous season that didn’t sell on Net-a-Porter, and that’s where Guardian fashion and lifestyle editor Morwenna Ferrier says you can find designer clothes for “absolute theft”. She says: “Victoria Beckham’s declining profits mean a lot of her pieces end up there. I got a nice blue silk shirt for a fifth of RRP [recommended retail price].”

Street shoe brands Schuh and Office are selling deeply discounted shoes that are end of line, ex-display or with a few scuffs, including children’s school shoes, on the Schuh Imperfects and Offcuts by Office sites. .

Mark the items you like, then wait for them to go on sale

“I always buy a designer winter coat during the summer sales,” said Monikh Dale, stylist and founder of Monikh.comsaid.

“I note when it comes out and, if possible, I bookmark the item online or on the shopping site. Two seasons later, when the sales start, I hope he’ll be waiting for me with at least 50% off. It’s a gamble if you really like it, because it doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it’s so good.

Many brands sell excess inventory through their own digital outlets, or you can search for a fashion item on websites that sell used goods. Photography: imagebroker/Alamy

You can use a price tracker app, while Google Shopping lets you monitor price drops.

If you need something more urgent, at least leave it in your online shopping cart overnight. You will often find that the brand sends you an email offering you a discount code to complete your purchase.

Sign up for reseller newsletters

You have to have the willpower not to be tricked into spending more by the regular marketing emails you receive, but subscribers are usually alerted to a brand’s sales, often 24 hours in advance, which means that you get the first dibs on the best, and deepest, discounts. choice of sizes.

You’ll almost always get a sign-up discount bonus as well – maybe 10% or 15% – for your first purchase.

Look first for used

If you have a specific item in mind, always see if you can buy it used before paying full or sale price.

For online fashion, Ferrier says it’s a good idea to start with eBay and Vestiaire Collective.

“Some brands sell for more on eBay, and vice versa. Slightly older and more expensive brands, like Toast, Cos or Arket, cost less on Vestiaire because people are looking for luxury on the latter. You can get designer bargains for less on eBay.

A tip for getting the best deals: search on weekends, when bored sellers list things on a Sunday night. Try spelling mistakes. “I once got something great from Paul Smith on eBay because someone misspelled his name,” Ferrier says.

Harry Styles is performing in Manhattan, New York, in May 2022
Harry Styles’ stylist has listed the singer’s archive pieces on Depop. Photograph: Andrew Kelly/Reuters

“Try not to buy from overseas as they charge a lot, and it’s harder to spot a fake, and if you’re a newbie start with Cloakroom as they do the checking for you.

“I also go to fancy boutiques – Liberty, Selfridges – note new or lesser-known dealerships, then search eBay. I just got a dress from Farm Rio for £30. It was probably £300 new.

Buy second-hand items from your favorite stylists or influencers

Many stylists and fashion influencers who receive clothes sell their barely-worn wardrobes online. You can even get your hands on Harry Styles’ archive pieces after his stylist, Harry Lambert, said he listed them on Depop.

Alex Stedman from frugality recycles her old clothes on eBay for charity – mostly items that no longer fit her after motherhood.

“It’s worth knowing if your favorite influencers are offering something similar. There are so many great sites for second-hand shopping these days. [such as] Vinted and Depop, and I love shopping at more stylish stores like Shelter in King’s Cross and Crisis in Finsbury Park, London.

“I also love the thrill of a garage sale – the prices are much lower than at vintage and charity shops, and it’s a real social occasion. They don’t all start at five in the morning. My personal favourite, Battersea Boot, is a gold mine for fashion and home.

The classic car garage sale at the Southbank Centre, South Bank, London, UK.
Have you thought about visiting garage sales to find good deals? Photograph: Michael Kemp/Alamy

Rent for special occasions

If you’re looking for something special for an event, a wedding, or a big work presentation, you’ll save a lot by renting, and you’ll usually be able to wear something you wouldn’t normally be able to afford. Stedman says, “You can also ‘follow’ and ‘like’ renters who are similar in style and size to yours, which helps if you’re unsure about the look or size of the item.

Try sites like Hurr, My Wardrobe HQ, and By Rotation.


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