Former Detroit Lions players near Lansing’s pot shop end zone


Kyle Kaminski

If you feel like I just wrote about a new pot store coming to Lansing this summer, that’s because I did. Pure Roots are still expected to open on Larch Street soon – although company officials still haven’t returned my emails to me, so I’m not sure when exactly they plan to officially launch.

But in the meantime, Lansing still has plenty of room for another dispensary. Next up is Primitiv, a company that city officials say plans to open its second Michigan outlet at 5620 S. Cedar St. this summer.

For some reason the folks at Primitiv are also ignoring my posts, maybe because they’re not ready to announce the details. So, I guess I’ll handle their work for them this week as well:

Founded by former Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson and Rob Sims, Primitiv markets itself as a “cannabis research company” rather than a pot store – not least because of its stated mission to advance the medicinal cannabis industry. researching the natural health benefits of the plant.

Johnson and Sims both suffered from the long-term physical effects of football injuries. It’s no surprise to anyone who’s seen Megatron bulldoze through a defensive line, but being one of the greatest wide receivers of all time can take its toll on the body. In the end, weed was a pretty solid approach to pain management, and Johnson and Sims wanted to take action in their own hands, starting with a large grow facility in Webberville, opening their first pot store in Niles this year, and now moving to Lansing.

Don’t be fooled. This “research company” also sells some damn good weed.

While waiting for company executives to call me back, I decided to take a 264-mile round trip to the Indiana border to get a taste of what’s to come in Lnsing.

Niles’ pot shop was once a popular pool hall — and it was nothing like the sleek, modern designs implemented at most other Michigan dispensaries. There were no corny marketing gimmicks. It didn’t look like an Apple Store. It was just a windowless weed fortress that you probably wouldn’t even know how to sell pot on unless you were specifically looking for it.

The cold, sterile, industrial interior looked much more like a laboratory than a store. The brick walls were adorned with scientific posters on terpene profiles and cannabinoids – and, of course, a Johnson jersey was prominently displayed in a display case in the waiting room.

Budtenders directed me to a wide selection of pre-rolls and packaged eighters, many of which are grown and harvested under the Primitiv brand in Webberville. The shelves were stocked with many other Michigan brands, but I settled for two of the house favorites.

peanut butter puff

$30/3.5g at Primitiv

Billed as a hybrid, these deliciously dense, pistil-laden nuggets were named for an obvious reason: an overtly nutty and earthy scent, with a similar flavor to match. A few tokes were great (maybe a little too much) for relaxing after work in the summer sun. I smoked this in a quiet spot along the Lansing River Trail and barely found the energy to bike home.

Sensi Star

$30/3.5g at Primitiv

This strain is a prime example of how the terms ‘indica’ and ‘sativa’ are pretty much useless guesswork. Because for me, this so-called “indica” packed a real energy punch that ended up having me in a Netflix binge until about 2 a.m. Frosty, earthy and fruity buds. Maybe a touch of pine. Then about four hours of Stranger Things bliss and an entire hit of Pringles. Hit.

In other cannabis news…

Bazonzoes has made it easier than ever to grab a bag and hit the road.

On June 10, the company launched its third retail location, at 920 American Road in south Lansing — and it’s not just any old pot store. It’s the first (and only) supply center in town with a drive-thru window. This means you can order online and be in and out in less than 10 minutes, and you hardly have to talk to anyone.

The company, founded in 2010, opened the first medical marijuana supply center in Oakland County before expanding to Lansing in 2020. It also plans to launch its own cultivation and processing facilities this year. Check out to place an order – and make sure it’s the Redemption Cannabis brand if you want a top-notch product.

Kyle Kaminski is a journalist and cannabis enthusiast. Editor & Publisher magazine called him “arguably the state’s authority on everything you need to know about cannabis.” Got a suggestion for a great new product or feature idea? E-mail


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