French designer creates vegan cork leather bags


You may have heard of vegan cactus leather and apple leather, but now a new, sustainable plant-based material is being used for designer bags, derived from cork. A French brand, Arsayo, founded by brothers Ary and Jonathan Ohayon, have created a collection of designer backpacks and handbags made from vegan leather fabric derived from cork. The bags come in two designs: “Cork-odile” and “Snake Skin Cork” to look like animal materials.

According to the brand’s founders, the duo created the Exotic Cork Skin bags to “meet the growing demand for durable, animal-free exotic leather alternatives.” Consumers are increasingly aware of the materials they use in their fashion choices and more and more people are staying away from animal products due to the impact on animal welfare and the planet.

“This new exclusive alternative is a tribute to the beauty of amazing exotic animals while respecting their lives and our environment. We want to set an example for the fashion industry and show that animals shouldn’t be harmed for fashion, ”said Jonathan Ohayon, co-founder of Arsayo.

The brand also wishes to point out that the creation of these exotic leathers from cork does not harm the trees. By harvesting this material, it allows trees to absorb more carbon dioxide and aid in the process of bark regeneration.

“Ethics drive us. We chose cork for ethical reasons, as we wanted to create a bag that does not harm animals or the planet, and decided to start our new collection with a pre-order system for the same reasons. In the conventional fashion industry, designers start by producing their designs and selling them to retailers who mark up them significantly. At the end of the day, you will pay a heavy end price. With the pre-order system, we’ll only produce on demand, and because we’re cutting out the middlemen, you’ll pay less, ”adds Ary Ohayon, Arsayo co-founder.

Arsayo’s innovative cork leather strives to be a solution to cruel and unsustainable fashion materials that minimize damage to the planet and animals. The brand is also attentive to customer budgets by eliminating the middleman and offering its accessories at affordable prices.


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