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“I wanted something reasonably priced so I could buy multiples and spin them,” she says.

Fortunately, she found a few options under the recommendation of her Thai friend while traveling to Bangkok. She brought a few bags back to Seoul to sell to her close friends and they were well received.

“Soon after, the bag making business became my daily job,” she shares.

Biker Starlet’s Creative Director explains where she gets her inspiration from, how she plans to improve the sustainability of her business as well as her plans for growth in Singapore.

What Biker Starlet means

Jacey shares, “The biker looks rough and edgy, Starlet sleek and feminine. Put them together and it still makes sense as a word. It also becomes something wild but pretty, and I loved the sound too.

These two contrasting concepts clash and it just seemed perfect because all women are layered and complex.

Drawings are always relevant

One look at the Biker Starlet bags and you will notice that they are all striking, but never overdone. Jacey says she delves into old trends and styles to “translate the old into the new because trends repeat themselves over and over again.”

Biker Starlet has been on big and small screens

His refined and practical pieces have been spotted in K dramas such as Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, and even films like the award-winning Parasite.

Inspiration comes from the streets

Jacey loves people watching for inspiration. “There’s this place – one of America’s generic coffee chains – in Seoul where I sit for hours. You get the latest fashion trends in real time.

Biker Starlet does its part for the environment

Jacey reflects on the impact of his products and manufacturing process on the planet and hopes to adopt more environmentally friendly methods for his business.

“I plan to change all of our shipping tape to paper tape and use biodegradable poly bags by the end of next year,” she reveals. “This is probably a touchy subject as we mainly use leather and leather tanning is not exactly environmentally friendly.”

The challenge? In search of alternative and more sustainable materials

“There is always a high demand for leather bags, so it has always been a problem for us to integrate sustainability. I plan to introduce more sustainable products made with alternative materials in the next few years.

Singapore store planned to reopen

Going forward, Jacey looks forward to reopening her store and meeting her Singaporean customers whom she considers friends.

The health-conscious creative director also plans to add a lounge space to her store: “I would like to create a space that can connect our products with healthy food and drink. “

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