Goldfish wants adults to buy their new Mega-Bite treats


Goldfish grow up and want adults to buy the delicious treat not only for their kids but for them!

Pepperidge Farm, the maker of goldfish, has just announced a new line of snacks called Goldfish Mega-Bites that will appeal to adults. The new treats feature two flavors, Old Cheddar and Jalapeño Cheddar. This delicious snack has always appealed to adults, children and now adults.

Goldfish was launched in 1962 and targeted adults. The brand recommended the crackers as a bar bite. Many advertisements showed people eating the snack with a martini. Julia Child, a TV personality, ate the snack with an upside down martini. The Goldfish TikTok account showed the vanilla cupcake graham crackers with an espresso martini.

Then in the 90s, the snack was mainly advertised as a kid’s snack because of its size. However, this did not stop the adults from continuing to eat the snack. According to Janda Lukin, Marketing Director at Campbell Snacks, “about 47% of Goldfish buyers don’t have children in their homes.” Goldfish used the stats to capitalize on reaching different audiences by experimenting with spicy flavors.

Franks’ Red Hot and Goldfish made a special flavor, Jalapeño Popper. Thanks to the recent pandemic, everyone is nostalgic and wanting the crackers.

Mega Bites cost $ 2.69 per 5.9 oz. bag,


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