Gucci plans a virtual world for Gen Z on Sandbox


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Gucci will launch its own virtual world on digital real estate platform Sandbox, as it expands its presence in the metaverse for its Gen Z-focused Gucci Vault platform.

The brand purchased undisclosed land on Sandbox, which allows individuals and brands to buy and develop virtual real estate. Details on what the virtual world will entail were not disclosed, but Gucci took to his Discord server to announce that he was creating immersive experiences on Sandbox, which he confirmed. Business in vogue Wednesday.

The brand’s metaverse projects are housed under its Gucci Vault concept, which Gucci describes as “an experimental space envisioned by Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele.” Gucci Vault is the umbrella for Gucci’s metaverse-related projects, including NFTs and its Discord server. On Wednesday, he announced that he had created an Instagram account of the same name. Gucci Vault is also the business area Gucci uses to sell vintage Gucci pieces and pieces from other up-and-coming designers, including Collina Strada, Rave Review and Ahluwalia.

Gucci has stepped up its metaverse strategy over the past year and is an early adopter of digital fashion, virtual worlds and NFTs. More recently, Gucci teamed up with “animated celebrity” company Superplastic to release a collection of 500 NFTs (consisting of 10 models in total). Called “Supergucci,” it includes a three-part NFT drop that comes with physical ceramic sculptures, each priced at 1.5 ethereum (just over $3,000 at the time of writing). The drops began on February 1, with purchase access limited to former owners of Superplastic’s NFTs and those with a special passcode provided through the Gucci Vault Discord server. A third public drop was planned, but has since been postponed due to concerns of bots claiming all NFTs. SuperPlastic and Gucci are keeping 20 of the NFTs for internal use, according to the brand.

Gucci has yet to share more details about its roadmap, which are a common feature of metaverse projects, often shared via a dedicated channel on the brand’s Discord servers. Gucci is also currently hiring a full-time Discord server manager; According to the position, responsibilities include overseeing the “megafans” of his NFT projects and keeping up with community platform trends. Applicants must submit information such as their Twitter account and favorite NFT-related memes, in place of a traditional resume.


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