HAL’S KITCHEN: And the Grammy goes to…Manitoba!


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Sunday night’s Grammy Awards gift bags will include two Manitoba food items. Celebrities at this year’s Grammys will receive Writers & Rockers coffee and a cheese platter from Lynn & Liana Designs. Rob Young’s java was also featured in gift bags at the Oscars last weekend. He says being featured at big events like this opens new doors for his business. And Rob heard from famous fans of his brew, including the cast and crew of TV shows general hospital. As for the cheese board, Lynn & Liana CEO Melissa Lynn Funk says it all started in her parents’ garage just four years ago and now has a 12,000 square foot operation in Steinbach. which employs 28 people. Its cheese boards and platters are beautiful and handcrafted using the most eco-friendly resin in the world. Melissa also has well-known supporters, including singer Meghan Trainor who recently ordered 70 cheese platters for the cast and crew of her TV show. Top Chef Family Style.

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Celebrities at Sunday night’s Grammys will receive Writers & Rockers coffee.


Hong Du Kkae has a new server and it’s a robot. Human waiters at the Korean restaurant on Pembina Highway take people’s orders, then the robot waiter delivers the food and drinks to the tables. Owner Dirk Wang says he paid $26,000 for his new robotic employee, but at a time when recruiting and retaining good workers is very difficult, his investment seems like a good investment. He says the robot is a big hit and there has already been an increase in business as more and more people stop by for a meal brought to them by a machine.

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The Springfield Chamber of Commerce’s Perogy-Fest will run for the next two weeks. The first annual event is a fundraiser for the Ukrainian people. 10% of net profits will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross. You can get more details and vote for your favorite perogies at SpringfieldCommerce.com.

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You have until Monday to place your order of milk chocolate bunnies from Mordens in Winnipeg. It’s a fundraiser for Cakes for Kids Winnipeg, a great organization that matches volunteers with families who can’t get their child a cake on their birthday. Solid chocolate bunnies are $6 each or three for $15. You can email CakesForKidsWinnipeg@gmail.com or search for them on social networks but hurry because you’re almost out of time.


As gasoline prices rise, the cost of most consumer products also rises. And instead of raising their prices (a last resort), companies are instead opting for shrinkage…charging the same thing for less. There is a great example of shrinkage at Doritos where they put five fewer chips in each bag. This move is expected to save the parent company $50 million a year. Could be worse, I opened a bag of off brand crisps the other day and there was an IOU inside…

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Pizza eggs are having a moment on TikTok. The #pizzaeggs hashtag has millions of views on the social media platform. Most people basically make omelets with popular pizza toppings. Others use leftover pizza slices and scrambled eggs. Content creator Elyse Myers, who has the most viewed pizza egg video on TikTok so far, prepares her recipe using butter, pre-cooked chicken, pepperoni slices, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, eggs and cheese.


Yeast-sensitive people will be delighted to learn that researchers have developed a yeast-free pizza dough. No more bloating, gas, pain or more serious side effects. Biomaterials researcher Di Maio recently found a way to create bubbling dough without yeast. Using an autoclave, a device usually used to sterilize laboratory equipment, Di Maio recreated the crispy bubbles that pizza dough is famous for.


Cranberries can keep your heart healthy. New research from King’s College London suggests that eating just 100 grams of cranberries a day helps improve heart and vascular function.

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