Handbag trends for fall 2022


Nothing boosts your style and confidence more than a stylish handbag. With the arrival of the autumn-winter collection, there is a new range of bags that every fashionista must discover.

Here, we’ll explore which handbag trends for fall 2022 are the coolest. These elegant and precious bags are destined to become wardrobe essentials. Here are the four big handbag trends for the upcoming fall season.

Croissant Bags

Crescent bags are one of the must-have handbag trends for the F/W 22 season. Curve-shaped bags have been interpreted in different ways on the runway. Bottega Veneta introduced woven leather bags with metal handles. Louis Vuitton designs included multi-tone monogrammed styles adorned with chains. Miu Miu’s runways were filled with quilted satin pieces emblazoned with the brand’s logo. If you’re an early adopter, there are plenty of croissant bags on the market right now.

Lined bags

It seems that next fall, the bags will have their accessories. These are lined bags with smaller bags linked to larger bags, as seen on the Versace, Fendi and Jil Sander F/W 22 runways. The designers have created unique twists on the double bags for l fall, including a wallet attached by a chain or a small complementary bag intended to be worn with a larger model. The cult Balenciaga Cagole bag is one of the styles we’ve already seen this summer, but you can anticipate the playful trend gaining momentum in the coming months.

XXL bags

We’ve seen new interpretations of the broad bag trend every season. XXL shopping bags will be huge this fall. The bags are huge, as the name suggests, but not in an absurd way like previous years. It’s the perfect everyday bag as it’s stylish and comes in neutral colors. XXL bags are what you need if you are looking for a roomy bag to use as a chic carry-on for a flight or to hold everything you need for the office.

fuzzy bags

Credits – Pinterest

For fall, designers are drawn to all things fuzzy. In addition to fuzzy handbags, one of the big upcoming trends supporting designers like Loewe and Jil Sander is fuzzy shoes. The faux fur bags adorning the Helmut Lang and Off-White runways are whimsical interpretations of fall handbags that incorporate fresh textures, unusual colors and a playful accent. This fashion trend of the early 2000s returns to this stage where everything about Y2K fashion is reinterpreted.


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