Hayden Hill launches sustainable luxury garment bags


Hayden Hill, a leading brand in luxury garment protection, offers a new range of stylish hanging garment bags that will keep your investment pieces dust, light and moth-proof. The bags are available in two sizes: Long hanging bag and Short hanging bag made from 100% organic cotton. Durable and breathable, these bags will protect your favorite clothes.

Due to improper storage, luxury garments are prone to long-term damage when left without effective protection. Being exposed to harsh conditions, their delicate material is often ruined. Made from 100% pure, breathable cotton, Hayden Hill Garment Bags help protect luxury, everyday garments, whether it’s a wedding dress, leather jacket or dress. a cashmere sweater.

Plus, Hayden Hill made storage convenient for everyone with see-through panels and removable zipper pulls for each bag. The bags are also mold and dust resistant, making them suitable for all seasonal changes. They come in two sizes, L58in x W24in x D4in and L40in x W24in x D4in, providing the right size for every storage requirement.

“We are always looking for ways to further improve our standards in terms of sustainability and minimize our impact on the environment.

Hayden Hill hanging garment bags help you protect investment pieces in a responsible and stylish way,” a brand spokesperson said.


Hayden Hill is a London-based brand with global reach. The company produces durable, functional and stylish protectors for luxury and everyday wear.

To learn more, please visit https://hayden-hill.com/

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