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New Delhi: monsoon, love season, cloud party, time for hot cups of coffee and even hotter donuts! But all is not rosy when the rain gods shower us with their blessing.

Monsoon, according to hardcore fashionistas, is throwing their style plans on a loop. Puddles of water can cover our clothes and an unexpected storm can strike when you least expect it!

How to escape the fashion rush that the rains bring with them! Well, if there’s a will, there’s always an elegant way. Here are five tailor-made quick fixes to turn this monsoon into a fashion fiesta:

Under your umbrella!

Where there is rain, there is an umbrella! Our good old monsoon pals do a fabulous job of protecting us from dripping water and also prove to be the perfect styling accessory. Rather than opting for the stereotypical dull, dark hues, why not explore pretty polka dots, multi-coloured wonders and tailored graphic covers?

There’s a whole new world to explore by picking up an umbrella. Grabbing a bunch of them in coordinated colors that go perfectly with all your outfits isn’t a bad idea either, you could walk out with sublime panache, one umbrella at a time!

Where the wind (cheater) takes you!

If you’re a no-frills adventurer, the windbreaker is usually your most reliable companion. Whether it’s a monsoon hike or a bike ride to the lake, the windbreaker is a light and clever companion that protects us against soggy weather. But, when buying these jackets, we often tend to prioritize utility over style.

Wouldn’t we rather choose soft colors and stunning designs that match our personal philosophy? Let’s step up our game when it comes to buying windbreakers!

Shoes them who’s boss!

If it is the rainy season, you have to be vigilant. People often wear monsoon shoes which are unusually bland on the eyes. Black is often the preferred color and flip flops or sandals are often the preferred footwear.

As it begins to crackle all around, it’s time for our footwear selections to see a refreshing change. Cool and comfortable clogs, lovely all-weather shoes or bold and bright boots might just be the new fashion lease your legs have been needing.

Essentials bag

Our school life is rich with memories of dry bags that stored our books as well as magically innocent moments. Childhood may be gone but these bags can still stay!

Chic and suave rain bags are now all the rage for work and play. From see-through backpacks to cute little shoulder bags, there’s no shortage of style with these stylish wonders.

Find your “best scarf”

Scarves are the most underrated style accessories for the monsoon season. They not only act as a protective headgear during light showers, but also stand out as a great fashion statement.

From vibrant, vivid shades to subtle, simmering hues, there’s an ocean of options to choose from that perfectly match your taste. The one thing to make sure of at a monsoon festival of scarves is that they are thin and light.

(Aditya Agarwal, director of Cloth Haus)


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