Holding a Fosters on ‘SNL,’ Pete Davidson joins Colin Jost to talk Staten Island Ferry purchase: ‘We’re boat people now’


STATEN ISLAND, NY – Say ahoy-hoy to your water toy-toy, Pete Davison and Colin Jost.

The “Saturday Night Live” stars, who recently made headlines for the purchase of the John F. Kennedy Staten Island Ferry boat, discussed their $280,100 nautical acquisition on “Weekend Update” during the latest episode of SNL.

“We bought a ferry! The windowless van of the sea,” Davidson said, holding what is likely a brown Fosters bag (that’s how we haul) as he and Jost play off The Guy Who Just Bought A Boat, an arrogant character played by Alex Moffatt. .

“Yeah, it’s very exciting. We thought about all of that,” Jost replied sarcastically.

They acknowledged Mayor Eric Adams tweeted about the ferry purchase before discussing some of the boat’s mooring issues. Moffatt, channeling his extra rude boat brother persona, had a lot to say about it: “Just start snooping around downtown. He will eventually slip somewhere.

Davidson spoke to the third partner who helped with the plans for the ferry, Manhattan comedy club owner Paul (Paulie) Italia, “which is the name of a real person, not a wrestler on the mafia theme. But we’re boat people now, Colin. I mean, you always have been. You look like, you know, you own the yacht that they rent for rap videos.

The beloved ferry will eventually become a comedy club restaurant in the future, Davidson said recently. It will remain moored, added Jost.

The clip is available below.


Prior to her retirement, the John F. Kennedy was the oldest remaining vessel in the Staten Island Ferry’s active fleet, having first been commissioned in 1965.

The boat, which was the first Staten Island Ferry with diesel-electric propulsion machinery, is nearly 300 feet in length and capable of carrying more than 3,000 passengers at a time.

The John F. Kennedy was popular among equestrians for her exterior walks and extended foredecks, features that were incorporated into the new Staten Island Ferry class of boats.

The ship will soon have its vacant place in the active fleet occupied by SSG Michael H. Ollis, the first of three new ships built by Eastern Shipbuilding Co.


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