How 52 Giant Holes Became Illinois’ Most Unique Campground


When it comes to camping, what are the must-haves on your list?

My list of camping essentials is as follows:

  • Must have running water and a place to shower.
  • Must have bedding that doesn’t require me to sleep on dirt.
  • Must have amusement amenities to choose from.

If you can’t tell from this must-have list, I’m not really a camper, I’m more of a glamper. Does it make me spoiled or prissy? Probably, but I’m not one to “rough it”.

If you too love pretend camping outdoors but are really staying in a cabin on a campground with tons of things to do then you MUST check it out Giant Goose Ranch in Canton, Illinois.

Giant Goose Ranch via Facebook

Giant Goose Ranch via Facebook

What makes the Giant Goose Ranch so special?

I discovered this unique campsite in Illinois through an article on, and besides all the cool things you can do there, I was fascinated by how it all started. According to the article;

There are 52 named lakes and ponds on the property. In the 1930s and 1940s, this property was strip mined, leaving deep holes.

So how do you take 52 giant holes and turn them into something fabulous? Fill the water holes!

Giant Goose Ranch Amenities

With all of the lakes and ponds on Giant Goose Ranch property, this campground prides itself on offering excellent fishing for all ages and skill levels. Their website said;

The Giant Goose Ranch has the most diverse multi-species fishery in the entire country!
Whether you’re an avid fly-fisherman, Trophy Muskie Angler, Catch & Release Bass Master, looking for Boone ‘n Crocket Panfish, or just want to spend time with your family fishing, we’ve got a lake that’s right for you. suits you!

Besides fishing, Giant Goose Ranch also offers pool and pontoon rentals, and it’s located near many fun attractions and restaurants in Canton, Illinois, so there are plenty of ways to keep your family entertained. (They even have farm animals!)

Accommodation at Giant Goose Ranch

Giant Goose Ranch offers campsites for rent for the week or the weekend, but they also have many cabins, (many of them are by the lake), where you can also stay. Heck, you can even buy your own cabin!

Ready to plan your summer vacation at Giant Goose Ranch? Check availability now at giantgooseranch.comand be sure to check out all the great events they have already planned for this summer while you’re on the website as well.

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