How Charles Gross Became TikTok’s Voice of Luxury


“I’ve never been interested in luxury items, but you made me see them as art! I will never afford them lol But I come through you! one person commented. “I love being able to pronounce these marks correctly thanks to you 😂,” another mentioned.

Adopted from Colombia, Gross grew up in the affluent private school community of Manhattan, right next to this Upper West Side Le Pain Quotidien. He started posting videos on YouTube a year after graduating from high school in 2013. “It was really random,” he said. “Social media was in such a different place, there was no content creator architecture.” Gross was reselling Birkins on eBay at the time after stumbling across one online for $300 and would be making product videos, which brought more viewers to his channel.

From 2014 to 2019, seven days a week, Gross posted his entire life online: his two day wedding, dye your hair at midnightvarious sex dating stories. He was regularly involved in niche drama and constantly posted troll videos. On YouTube, it was messy, erratic, and controversial. And he didn’t care at all – although he did now.

“It’s really physically disgusting to see me then,” Gross told me. “I’m still mortified with the way I projected and the energy I gave off.”

Living so visibly online is a double-edged sword for many young people who don’t yet know who they are. “Making a video every day from 19 to 25 was not a good idea,” he said. “I had conflict in my life and constantly blamed people around me for how I felt. And I reveled in it. I’m toxic and messy and full of drama. And everything was filmed.


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