How to take care of leather bags in the rain? 5 practical tips to protect your bag during the monsoon


New Delhi, September 9 (IANSlife): Leather bags can absorb grease and oil. Quickly wipe your leather bag with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth. (Do not use too much water, the leather takes longer to dry). Apply the cleaner specially designed for leather in circular motions and wipe it off with a damp cloth to avoid clogging the pores.

1. State: Your leather bag can dry out over time. You can apply conditioner to your leather handbag at least twice a year to keep its surface shiny and attractive.

2. Store: Use bubble wrap or parchment paper (but not newspaper, as it will stain) to fill your leather bag. Put your leather bag in the dust bag, then put it in its real box, with silica gel sachets to avoid moisture. Clean suede bags with a suede brush. Avoid storing your leather bag in a wooden cabinet as there is a good chance that fungi will grow inside the bag.

Moisture can ruin your leather bags, but polishing them regularly and storing them the right way can help them last longer. Does your purse contain more bacteria than a toilet seat? Tips to keep it germ-free.

3. Dry them well: The piece of leather should not be left out as soon as you come in from the outside. The bag should be placed under the ceiling fan for a few hours to dry.

4. No heat: Direct sunlight can damage the surface of your leather product. Do not leave your bag to dry near a hot surface or in direct sunlight.

5. Let him breathe: The longer you leave your leather pieces untreated, the less they will last. But that shouldn’t mean you don’t take them out of storage for a long time. Take them out at regular intervals and let them breathe.

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