“I got a Toby Carvery Too Good To Go bag for £3.29 and there were so many Yorkshire puds”


Lucy Elizabeth, 28, paid just over £3 for a Toby Carvery Too Good To Go bag and had enough food to feed a small family, including seven Yorkshire Puddings

There were seven Yorkshire Puddings inside

A woman spent just £3.29 on a Too Good To Go bag and couldn’t believe the amount of food she was getting – because she had enough to last for days.

Lucy Elizabeth, 28, used the popular app to buy food from a nearby Toby Carvery, and while she was hoping for a bargain, she wasn’t expecting what she received.

She got seven Yorkshire puddings, gravy, lots of roast potatoes, mash, stuffing, carrots, red cabbage, sausages, turkey and ham.

Lucy, from Gorleston in Norfolk, shared the spoils with her fans on TikTok, where she is uploading a @lucyelizabeth1993, and soon it went viral with over 300,000 views.

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Lucy’s fans were amazed at the amount of food she received from Toby Carvery, and one of her followers said they also ordered one and received a 3kg bag.

Soon, Lucy was inundated with comments from fans who were all impressed with the order.

One said: “I’m really hungry now. Looks like you’ve got plenty, want to share, did you have to heat it up?”

While a second added: “I now want a Yorkshire pudding at 1am.”

And a third wrote: ‘Loads of Yorkshires lol, wow deal of the century.’

Then a fourth commented: ‘I love having good bags to carry, especially Greggs.’ and another user agreed, replying, “I love Too Good To Go, Greggs is the best!”

Meanwhile, a bargain hunter has explained how she saves around £300 every month with her money-saving tips – including a ‘three-day’ shopping rule.

Annie, 24, a cafe manager, also uses cashback sites, subscribes to loyalty programs and plans birthdays and Christmas presents months in advance.

Making a list and sticking to a budget, while always comparing prices so she isn’t caught off guard by a failed deal, also helps Annie keep track of her expenses.

Annie said she’s on a mission to spend a lot less this year so she can save for a security deposit.

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