I paid £ 600 for the Chanel advent calendar, but rave about the cheap gifts


10 YEARS ago we thought of a Cadbury’s £ 10 advent calendar as a real treat – but nowadays it seems like every brand in the world has jumped on the bandwagon.

Earlier this year, our hearts skipped a beat when we glimpsed Chanel’s amazing Christmas offer, which is packed with 27 goodies.


Elise’s unboxing videos have racked up MILLIONS views
Elise gave the £ 600 calendar wrap a 10 out of 10


Elise gave the £ 600 calendar wrap a 10 out of 10Credit: TikTok / @eliseharmon

And before we actually considered the idea, we almost had a heart attack when we saw the hefty £ 600 price tag.

Lucky for us, TikTok user Elise Harmon took one for the team and grabbed one of their lavish Advent calendars – which is shaped like their iconic No.5 perfume bottle.

That said, the beauty enthusiast hasn’t been overly impressed with the freebies so far and has shared her disappointment in a series of hilarious videos.

Unpacking the calendar for the first time, Elise assigned a total of 10/10 to the packaging. So far, so good.


A nod to their best-selling perfume, the calendar begins on the fifth day – but Elise couldn’t resist opening one before that.

Taking a random square, Elise opted for number 9 because it “looked really promising”.

But rather than the life-size beauty product she had come to expect, Elise was furious when she found a modest bundle of Chanel stickers instead.

She said: “It must be a joke. This is a joke.

“Stickers? STICKERS ”.

Hoping to overcome this disappointment, Elise then moved on to number 7 – which luckily contained some of their hand cream.

After that the video has accumulated over 11 MILLION views, Elise filmed a second part where she opened the 8th box.

She explained, “Number eight was really calling my name until I opened it.

Elise compared the bracelet to a plastic bottle cap


Elise compared the bracelet to a plastic bottle capCredit: TikTok / @eliseharmon
She was fuming when one of the boxes contained a single dust bag


She was fuming when one of the boxes contained a single dust bagCredit: TikTok / @eliseharmon

“I can’t make it up. It’s just this little one [dust bag]. “

“Eight was a total flop,” she joked. “I really don’t understand how I’m supposed to live and laugh and love under these conditions.”

Then Elise opened number 30 and was delighted to find a moisturizer.

She added: “It’s cute. It’s a little baby body cream. I’m pretty sure it’s enough cream for my left arm …”

Joking that she “felt lucky now”, Elise pulled out another box to find a flipbook – you know, the Christmas cookie kind.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, the TikToker then found her plastic bracelet with a Chanel logo charm that looks like a “bottle”.

Elise didn't know if she should laugh or cry over her Chanel stickers


Elise didn’t know if she should laugh or cry over her Chanel stickers
The calendar also contains the full size product


The calendar also contains the full size productCredit: TikTok / @eliseharmon

That said, she did find some plus size products along the way, including nail polish and lipstick.

Elsewhere in the calendar, there’s a full-size bottle of No 5 valued at £ 110 and a Chanel snow globe.

After posting her review videos, Elise also claimed she was BLOCKED by Chanel.

She joked, “What’s wrong with Chanel? Something’s wrong !!”

Needless to say, the unboxing videos were a hit with Elise subscribers – who blasted the “tragic” selection of giveaways.

One of them replied, “They really stole you.

Another added: “This is the Fyre feast of the Advent calendars.”


“It should be illegal,” a fourth joked.

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