John Candor León leather bags combine form and function


Looking for new travel bags? Consider this collection of minimalist leather bags. It merges function and design, adding style and convenience to your travels.

Upgrade your travel gear with the John Candor León leather bag collection. These minimalist leather bags are versatile and meticulously crafted.

After nearly 2 years of travel restrictions, you’re ready to see the world again. But in the meantime, flights have changed, and so have your travel needs. And you are looking for a collection of bags that meets your new requirements.

That’s where the John Candor León leather bag collection comes in. This series of minimalist leather bags merges practical features with simple yet beautiful shapes and lines. Let’s look at this.

Discover the León sports bag

A high-end duffel bag anchors every high-end bag collection, and the John Candor León leather bag collection is no different. The León duffel bag combines everything you love about a duffel bag and a suitcase. Plus, it comes with a free Stash-n-Go pouch.

It has a durable and elegant design

First of all, this beautiful 35 liter duffel bag is made from durable full grain leather. So you can expect years of use and enjoy the unique natural patina that develops over time.

Then the zippers are hidden and there are no extraneous clasps, rivets, buckles or marks. It’s just a bag. And when it comes to travel gear, isn’t that all you need? Then the color choices are a subdued blue or black.

This duffel bag has so many organizational features

When you think of a duffel bag, you probably imagine a bag with a giant pocket that swallows your stuff until you reach your destination – you can’t find anything until you empty it, right? it not? But that wouldn’t be the case with the duffel bag from this collection of minimalist leather bags.

In fact, the León Duffel bag is full of organizational features like a laptop/tablet pocket, a trolley sleeve pocket, an EDC quick access pocket, an interior fold-out pocket and many more. Using these, you can quickly locate something you need on the fly, like your toothbrush.

A clamshell opening allows for easy access

Thanks to the clamshell opening, you won’t have to dig around your bag to access items for those aforementioned organizational features. It allows you to see the entire contents of the bag while keeping your stacks of folded clothes in order.

Meanwhile, the 3 top access points provide easy access to separate compartments. So you’ll never have to rummage through your bag for travel documents again.

The materials are of high quality

From frictionless zippers to sleek, durable hardware, the John Candor León leather bag collection duffel bag uses materials and hardware you can rely on. We especially like the water and odor resistant nylon liner. It is easy to clean and keeps your things in top condition.

Hand luggage size is convenient

If you’re just going away for the weekend or a short business trip, there’s no reason to bother with checked luggage when you have this leather bag. It has a carry-on size (21″ L x 11″ W x 9.6″ H). In this way, it adapts to the regulations of most airlines.

Discover the León Stash-n-Go Pouch

As a bonus, your León Duffel Bag includes a free León Stash-n-Go Pouch. It is made from the same materials as the duffel bag and measures 5.9″ L x 9″ W x 3.5″ H.

Think of it as a small utility case for travel accessories, small devices, or EDC items. Even better, the interior has 3 elastic bands to hold things like drawstrings.

Take a look at the León briefcase

Do you plan to work remotely while on the go? Then a reliable laptop bag/case like the León briefcase is a must.

In the spirit of the duffel bag, this lovely briefcase is its ideal companion. A padded laptop divider holds up to a 17-inch laptop, allowing you to get serious work done anywhere.

Then the same water-resistant odor-proof nylon liner ensures long use while the trolley sleeve allows it to attach to rolling luggage, always handy.

Add this collection of leather bags to your next trip

Are you planning a trip to Europe? Or maybe you travel regularly for business. Whatever your travel needs, these minimalist leather bags will surely satisfy them.

We love the León Duffel bag for its unique and useful organizational features. The hunt for your stuff in a travel bag is over with this one.

Then the Stash-n-Go Pouch keeps your frequently used tech and EDC items close at hand. And, of course, you’ll want a laptop bag to match, and the León Briefcase is more than adequate with its 17-inch laptop capacity.

Add this cool collection to your collection of travel gear. Pre-orders start at just $119 on Kickstarter. What travel bags do you use and like? Send us your recommendations in the comments section.

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