LATAM Unveils New Business Class Amenity Kit


LATAM has updated its comfort kit, bringing a local touch to its product.

The new amenities kits – called “Travel Eco Kits” are intended for passengers traveling in Premium Business cabins.

These kits are based on local design and gradually incorporate sustainable elements. Collectible Bags are designed to be reusable and versatile with extra long life and new and exciting designs.

LATAM strives to reduce the use of single-use plastics. As part of the commitment, the bag comes unboxed and its amenities are made more environmentally friendly through the incorporation of reusable materials such as a bamboo toothbrush with a candy cane cap. The earplugs are wrapped in kraft paper to minimize the use of plastic materials, and the socks and eye patches are made from recycled plastic.

Inside the bag are cosmetic products (hand cream, lip balm and cooling towel) produced by Feito Brasil, a B Corp™ certified brand (a certification that recognizes performance in financial, social and environmental). Feito Brasil prides itself on making products that focus on sustainability. These products are cruelty-free and vegan, use natural ingredients and raw materials, and are produced locally by Brazilian artisans.

In terms of design, the new Travel Eco-Kits must feature the work of South American artists chosen by LATAM for their emerging trajectory and/or for being transformators of their communities. The first two artists to join this initiative are Tomás Olivos (Chile) and Hamilton Aguiar (Brazil). The following drawings will be made by artists from Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Argentina.

Where to get your hands on the kits

The first roads to receive these new amenity kits are as follows

  • Santiago de Chile – Madrid – Santiago de Chile
  • Sao Paulo/Guarulhos – Miami – Sao Paulo/Guarulhos

The new amenity kits will continue to be rolled out as part of the onboard service, and will be phased in on the remaining routes in 2022.

Locally sourced, with sustainability in mind

I always love a good and useful comfort kit – I won’t lie. Having one that is durable makes a big difference in terms of the impact it has had, carried through the air and then onto its end uses.

The new kits add a bit of vibrancy to the amenity kit set, while allowing for reuse – as well as refusing to touch the plastic. As usual, these would make a great cable or charger bag, or the perfect place to put SD cards and camera batteries.

These are welcome things when we can take a comfort kit and use it for other things – not just its primary use of giving passengers in-flight comfort tools.

It is also encouraging to see that LATAM reaches out to both local artists and regional suppliers in their kits to showcase their products, as well as the care taken in their manufacture.

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