lifestyle: Showroom says to pay 20k for collection 5 for carrier bag | Hyderabad News

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Consumer Dispute Redress Commission 3 ordered Lifestyle International to pay USD 20,000 as compensation for collecting USD 5 for a carrier bag. The allegation is Lifestyle collected 5 against a bag bearing its advertisement.
Mohammed Raheem, a lawyer and resident of Dammaiguda, had filed a complaint against Lifestyle International Private Limited of Max Retail Division. On September 8, 2019, Raheem purchased 1,790 properties. He was charged $5 for a paper bag, which had the store advertisement “MAX FASHION.COM” on it.
“I didn’t intend to buy the carry bag and asked the cashier for a free bag to carry the purchased clothes. They said they don’t provide free bags and they don’t had no choice but to buy a carry bag.
Lifestyle argued that the plaintiff bought voluntarily and even gave a special discount of 50. They also said that to protect the environment, they provided paper bags to customers and collected a nominal amount. The complainant alleged that there were deficiencies in service and unfair business practices.
Citing various judgements, the Hyderabad Consumer Commission said: “Forcing gullible consumers to pay extra for paper bags surely and certainly amounts to lack of service and indulgence in unfair business practices.” He ordered Lifestyle to reimburse 5 levied for carrier bag fees and to pay 20,000 for compensation and 1,000 for the cost of the complaint within 45 days.

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