Lost keys won’t be a problem with this Embrite titanium key ring.


If you’re rushing out the door, one of the most frustrating things that can happen is not remembering where you left your keys. While there are plenty of key fob accessories out there, many of them help you find them when you slip them into your purse, bag, or worse, under your car seat?

Well, TEC Accessories has come up with a brilliant idea that might help you deal with the drama of lost keys. The TEC-T3 is essentially a glow-in-the-dark key fob that makes it easy to spot those keys, and it’s available now for $37.95.

The TEC-T3 is an Embrite keychain light made of durable 6Al-4V titanium materials with a sandblasted finish, which ensures that they will stand up to all the abuse you throw at your keys and possibly last longer. long time. Inside the hard case you will find the embrite glow pad. TEC Accessories calls Embrite its “exclusive glow technology, delivering the brightest, longest-lasting glow-in-the-dark effect.” It’s twice as bright as the company’s original keychain light, providing up to 12 hours of indoor and outdoor illumination.

Don’t let the T3’s small size and light weight fool you. It is a powerful accessory that is resistant to erosion and weathering. Additionally, the glow pellet operates on a charge and discharge cycle that builds up more efficiently when explicitly exposed to the UV portion of sunlight. But if you live in dark conditions, you can also charge the internal light pad with regular sunlight, CFL bulbs, or any indoor light, making it easy to charge anywhere.

The light up key ring also comes with a split ring and clip attachment so you can quickly clip it onto your keys, backpack or even a clothes loop. It is the brightest and safest keychain solution for people who like to go on outdoor adventures, work nights or just go out at night; you will always feel safe wherever you go.

Tired of losing your keys or just want an eye-catching piece of jewelry for your carabiner? You can buy the smart and eco-friendly TEC-T3 Titanium Embrite Glow Fob for just $37.95.

Prices subject to change.


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