Marshall Columbia talks puffy handbags, Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus dress up


Marshall Columbia may have just launched her fashion line during the pandemic, but during that short time her pieces have already been worn by Dua Lipa, Kali Uchis, Megan Thee Stallion, Miley Cyrus and Hunter Schafer, for n ‘ to name a few. Well known for its incredibly puffy plush bags in neon hues with delicate pearls, the brand is defined by organic cutouts, cool pops of color and mesmerizing details that make you appear twice, maybe even three times, even. in the middle of the stream a cluttered, maximalist fashion on your social media feed.

Earlier this year, Marshall columbia also launched its first capsule collection on SSENSE, marked by an explosion of cascading heart prints, puffy cropped vests and waves of bodycon tops with iconic pearls. “This latest collection was really inspired by a lot of cartoon superheroes that I loved,” Columbia said. W. “When I was young everything was about Totally spies! and Super girls. “

Next, the designer is working on a collection of men’s clothing slated for release in March 2022. “I took this opportunity to sort of create myself,” he says. “I’ve always designed for other people and I don’t wear any of the clothes I designed. According to Marshall, the new capsule will more closely reflect its own relaxed style, with a few unisex pieces and pieces for women as well. As Columbia works on his next collection, we spoke with the designer about his background as a costume designer and the signature plush bag that made him famous.

You started your line during the pandemic. How has it been going up so quickly, with celebrities wearing head-to-toe looks of your designs on the red carpets?

It’s been a whirlwind, because I’m not from the fashion industry. I was in costume design. So just figuring out how to source and manufacture – all the commercial stuff – was really crazy. I had to figure it out quickly. But other than that, it was so much fun to have the opportunity to play and make clothes that people have fun wearing.

Looks from the Marshall Columbia capsule collection.

How has costume design influenced the way you work?

Bright colors have always resonated with me. I loved to dress like a child; I was in the theater, and when I moved to New York, I was in school and working for this designer who was dating. We made clothes for the drag queens on Rupaul Drag Race. I learned a lot about myself and my take on design during this time.

You have already said that you are inspired by the arts and crafts. Could you clarify this?

I always try to recall it at some point in my early childhood, because I like to create a feeling of nostalgia. I loved arts and crafts, that’s all I did when I was a kid. I lost that for a while. By starting my brand, I learned a lot about comfort and coming back to this space.

What was the inspiration behind the inflated bag?

I was just bored and wanted to have some DIY time. I started playing around with making a plush handbag, then I had beads around. I was like, we have to put this on. It was nothing for a while. And then the pandemic came and I didn’t have a job. I started selling them on Depop and it started from there. After that, Miley Cyrus wore one of my outfits, the beaded suit, which I actually made in school. It just started to skyrocket and people started to reach out.

Always wanted your own fashion brand?

Since I was in school, I realized that this was something that interested me. But before college, I wasn’t really into it – I went to school for music a bit, and then I really burned out and I was like, What am I doing? All of a sudden I got so obsessed with fashion and different designers. So I went to fashion school.

What is your favorite everyday outfit?

I used to dress quite loudly, with bright colors. But obviously, coming into that time of having my own brand, I feel like my outfit has gotten so deaf – baggy pants and hoodies, which I’m not crazy about. I love it with a small purse.

What’s the last thing you bought?

I bought these really cute hand painted pants by Juliet Johnstone – she just joined SSENSE and we launched our brands at the same time. So it was cool to both grow up.

Looks from the Marshall Columbia capsule collection. Glasses by TDKent x Marshall Columbia.

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

My best advice from a design teacher who said every detail matters. You can design pants, but they can be different because every stitch counts. And that’s something I always think about when designing. I don’t just want to make a simple t-shirt. I have to look at all angles.

What item do you always take with you?

My blue and yellow crochet bag. I still have it. I think it was originally a beach bag, but it has become a staple for me. A friend was moving and they didn’t have enough space for it, so they gave it to me. I take it everywhere.

How did you dress as a teenager?

I really dressed the same way I dressed last year. I grew up in Colorado and there weren’t a lot of fashion influences there – everyone’s about to go hiking or doing yoga. I was just wearing hoodies and baggy pants. I think the big difference is that now I always have a small handbag and I feel like that makes my look.

Do you have a favorite fashion designer?

I was really inspired by Alexander McQueen, as cliché as it sounds just because there is a story there with everything. I think this is the hardest part for me, making sure my story is portrayed even with just a piece of clothing. Any designer who can do that is really talented.

Looks from the Marshall Columbia capsule collection. TDKent x Marshall Columbia glasses; rings by Blobb x Marshall Columbia.

What about a style icon?

I actually grew up in a very conservative home and feel like I missed the early 2000s as I couldn’t listen to most music or watch a lot of TV. I had this moment in high school where I would go out and get away from it all. I re-explored the early 2000s. So I love Paris Hilton and Dennis Rodman.

Is there someone today that you would like to see wearing your pieces?

I really want Blackpink to wear my tracks in a music video or something. It would be so much fun for them and me.


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