Max Homa’s recent changes that led to Wells Fargo victory



On Tuesday, two days after his victory at Wells Fargo, Homa explained why he opted for Titleist’s new Pro V1 model despite his reluctance to make a change in that department. Homa had no intention of switching from the 2019 version of the Pro V1 after starting this season with a victory in the Fortinet Championship. But he used the 2021 Pro V1 to win at Wells Fargo.

“I hate switching golf balls,” Homa told GolfWRX. “(Titleist) sent me one of these prototype cases of the 2021 Pro V1, and I didn’t even touch it. I was playing fine with my ’19. I was like, ‘Why should I turn off that?’

During the January trip to Oceanside, however, Homa was convinced to upgrade to the new model for two main reasons. First, the driving ranges at PGA TOUR events use the 2021 model of the ProV1, not the 2019 he used. The new version also has similar performance and feel on longer shots while spinning more on short shots.

“When I came down (to Oceanside), JJ was like, ‘Look, we want you to switch to the new ball for two reasons. Obviously it’s the new ball, but secondly it’s going to be easy for you, when you’ll practice, because the balls on the road are the 2021s. We don’t have the ’19,'” Homa said. “I’m like, ‘OK, JJ, I’m playing fucking golf right now, I don’t want to change the most important part of the game, like the one thing we hit every time.'”

Although he was hesitant to make the switch, Homa spent some time testing the new 2021 Pro V1 model, and sure enough, he found the performance to be “so similar” across the bag, except he has won in rotation around the greens.

“A lot of the time you get a golf ball and you’re like, ‘That’s great off the tee’, and then you look at the irons and it changed the irons a bit – the distances and the spin – and then, you’ll go to the green and you’ll be like, ‘Oh, it doesn’t spin as much as my old one, or it spins more than my old one,” Homa said. “This one (the 2021 Pro V1), I had the felt like it was a really similar change between driver and irons and then just had to get used to it around the greens a bit. Like I said, it spins a bit more for me.



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