McDonald’s ration fries in Japan amid supply chain issues


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The relentless supply chain crisis has supported our holiday deliveries, came for our beloved bagel schmear, and even threatened the Coca-Cola space on store shelves. But despite our current woes across the United States, Japan just said hold my beer.

According to New York Post, a flood in the port of Vancouver caused a “soggy mess” of sweet potatoes, forcing McDonald’s Holdings Co. Japan to seek other sources for its potatoes and limit purchases of French fries in the short term. Approximately 2,900 Micky D’s establishments across the country will be eliminating medium and large fries from menus.

Between December 24 and December 30, McDonald’s across Japan will be offering small-sized fries exclusively “to ensure that as many customers as possible will have continued access to our fries.” a channel source told Bloomberg.

There is still some good news. Not only will the supply chain incident likely be resolved by New Year’s Eve, according to Bloomberg, but in the meantime, customers will get a 44-cent discount on their small fries. The hash browns weren’t affected either, which means you can go wild on your morning potatoes.

Americans, however, will have no problem getting their fix of French fries. In fact, you can buy full size fries for $ 1 until the end of 2021 and free medium fries every Friday (Fry-day?) With any $ 1 purchase. For those who don’t like fries (uh, what?), The Golden Bow fast food restaurant has plenty of other freebies as part of its Mariah Menu promotion, with offers until December 24.

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Megan Schaltegger is a writer for Thrillist.


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